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Flip Your Phone Support With Voice AI

Automate support calls. Improve customer experience. Drive growth.

Automating 2 million+ calls every week for global retail, eCommerce, and transportation brands:

Happier customers. Happier agents. Happier bottom line.

bye, bye bad iVR. hello, voice automation

Flip gives your customers a modern, “Alexa”-like voice AI experience when they call. Smart, helpful, and fun – entirely unrecognizable from that stoneage IVR. Offering your callers rapid resolution, and your agents the time to focus on high value & complex calls.

Instant Resolutions

Automate The Routine Calls + Handoff To Agents

Give Your Agents Time To Thrive

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No engineering help, or crazy budget allocations required.

Built for Retail eCommerce & Transportation Brands

AI and Automation doesn’t have to be scary — say goodbye to the flow builder interface you’re used to when setting up chatbots and IVRs. Say goodbye to massive professional services fees or internal teams. Say goodbye to constant failures and maintenance.

There’s a new interface for managing AI experiences — where the AI is already trained for your industry, “flows” are built for your common calls, and integrations in your entire tech stack exist natively. So you can launch and win fast.


how brands like yours have turned voice into a performance channel

Quality automation solves agent overload, gives your callers instant resolutions, and improves your bottom line. But that’s just the beginning.

Check out how our customers have won with Flip.

Mike Vroom
Sr. Director Customer Service, UNTUCKit
“Our relationships with Flip have always been a two-way street. It’s one thing of many that we value about them.”

Ben Segal
VP of CX, Thesis
“100%, test out Flip. It’s surprising how easy it is to use, and how quickly you see the impact.”

Andrew Jacobson
COO, ReserveBar
“Flip has an excellent product. The sky is the limit for you guys in my opinion. You got us up very quickly with our WISMO. I love that it can be iterative.”

Jessica Rose
Head of Customer Service & Sales, 310 Nutrition
“Flip is such a no-brainer. There’s such a low barrier to entry, and most CXers can look at something like this and think ‘I already see where the ROI is going to be, I already see where this is going to reduce touches, reduce ticket friction.’ Boom, bang, bang. Flip is the easiest decision I’ve ever had to make. Everyone should have this.”

Thomas McCray
Director of Customer Success, SNOW
“I’m always excited to brag about it to our executives. I’m like – place an order and call in. Because that’s one of the strengths is basic identifying that order… That’s great customer experience stuff, so we’ve been pleased.”

Reenu Bhasin
Project Manager, A2B Australia
“The team at Flip are true experts in their field. We were able to migrate all our fleets to their IVR solution within three months with exceptional automation results. Their team’s professionalism, accessibility, and friendly approach made the collaboration both efficient and enjoyable. Flip continuously learn and innovate, and ensure they deliver cutting-edge solutions.”

Terry O’Toole
General Manager, WHC Worldwide
“The phones stop ringing, but the business keeps coming! Seriously! Most impactful technology I’ve ever implemented for my business since automated dispatch.”

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Curious How Voice AI Will Help Your Contact Center? Dip A Toe In With Listen Mode

With Flip, you’re not looking at huge contracts and massive time investments. To prove that, you can start free with Listen Mode.

No interruption to caller or agent, you get the data you need to start your Voice AI journey informed, and we’ll get you set up in just 30 minutes.

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