23 July, 2024
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4 More Ways Flip Helps Manage Appointments

If your brand’s phone channel is jam-packed with callers wanting to make an appointment, this product release is a love note – direct from us to you. (Ah, l’amour.) Flip now has capabilities built specifically to help you manage those appointments.

In fact, our team has been having so much fun building those capabilities that—well—we had to divide the product release into 2 parts. Check out Part 1 from last week, where we lay out exactly how Flip can help with scheduling appointments. 

As for today – we’re following up to share how Flip can help your callers: 

  • Check Appointment Details
  • Modify Or Cancel An Appointment
  • Notify You When They’re Running Late 

Before we dive in, here’s something important to keep in mind: All of Flip’s appointments capabilities can be built out to be configurable to the types of products you sell and appointment services you offer.

These are  just some of the top ways we’re helping current customers. 

We’ll Give ‘Em The Details 

Here’s a familiar scenario: Someone scheduled an appointment at your fine establishment. But, wouldn’t you know it, they’ve forgotten where on earth they wrote down their appointment details (damn sticky notes). So they call in to ask. 

 Flip can manage these calls, by: 

  • Sharing the date of their appointment,
  • Confirming the location their appointment is at, 
  • Offering to send a text with a link to where they can manage their appointment. 

Voila – back on track. And, not a single agent had to lift a finger. 

Help Handling Modifications & Cancellations

Then there’s this regular occurrence… 

Uh oh, a customer completely forgot they have a gig that conflicts with the appointment time they set. Oh! And, they’d actually like to switch their appointment from—say—a haircut to a facial. Or maybe (what the heck) they’d like to treat themselves to both. 

Requests to modify an appointment are, obviously, another common call type that can clog up your phone lines. When these calls come in, here’s how Flip can help.  

  • First – We bring up the appointment: “I see you have an appointment for 12 PM on February 24th.”
  • Second – When the caller asks to make changes, Flip will let them know that the best way to modify their appointment is from your brand’s website or app. 
  • Third – We’ll then offer to send a text with those links. 

And, here’s a biggie…

The customer has a change of heart: “Is it CRAZY to spring for a haircut and facial right now? You know what – I’m just not feeling it. Best to cancel the appointment.” 

Flip can jump in here as well.

When the caller asks to cancel their appointment – if they’re outside of your cancellation window, we’ll let them know and forward them to an agent. 

But—if they aren’t too close to the cutoff time (as configured in the system)—we can: 

  • Suggest modifying the appointment instead. If they choose to do so, we’ll escalate the call to an agent. 
  • Cancel the appointment outright. 
  • Let them know the cancellation was successful – OR, if there were issues, forward them to an agent.

It’s about taking as much off of your plate as possible – while making sure we deliver a seamless experience for your caller.

Keeping You Up To Speed 

Last one (for now)… 

Let’s say your customer does keep the appointment – but they got out of the house 10 minutes late, and that damn traffic isn’t helping matters. 

They can call in, let Flip know they’re running late, and Flip can send an API notification to the specific location so your team knows that their customer is running late. Which means they can focus on more important things, like—say—building awesome relationships with the customers they’re currently serving. 

That’ll do us for this week. Keep an eye out for more helpful Flip updates next Thursday – same time, same place. And, if you’d like to learn more about what Flip can do specifically for your brand, let’s chat

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