23 July, 2024
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This 1 New Automation Will Eliminate Order Confirmation Calls For Your Agents

It’s a Thursday, which can only mean one thing…

Flip. Product. Release.

Today’s update is all about what Flip can now do for a caller who didn’t receive their order confirmation after placing an order.

Picture it: you order a pair of shoes you’ve been coveting. In a panic, you wonder if you put in the wrong delivery address at checkout, so you open the email app on your phone to check the order confirmation. But you don’t find it.

Since you’re already on your phone, you decide to call the brand. You expect you might have to press numbers to get to a human to help, so you tap the keypad icon in preparation. But then something unexpected happens.

A friendly automated voice answers and asks how they can help. You tell them, “I didn’t receive my order confirmation.” Much to your surprise, the voice says they are sorry you didn’t receive your order confirmation and asks if you’d like them to send you a link to it via SMS.

Of course you say “yes.” And then you get the text. And then the automated voice tells you to have a great day. And you do because you just had an easy interaction that gave you exactly what you needed, and oh yeah, you have a great new pair of shoes on the way to you.

If you want to think about it from the brand’s perspective, your customer gets exactly what they were looking for within an instant, and none of your agents had to step away from a more complicated issue to answer this call and push this shopper their order confirmation. It’s all automated.

The customer wins, the brand wins, the agents win. Flip yeah.

Kristina walks you through how to set this configuration up and running, as well as a test call demonstrating the full functionality of it, in this week’s video.


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