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Introducing NOAH – A Solution for Missed Calls

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Announcements


  • Flip fully automates tier 1 calls
  • Complex requests are forwarded to 24/7 channels
  • Detailed voicemail transcriptions can be emailed to your agents

The Problem

Nearly 25% of calls happen after business hours. Despite the focus on being “always available,” the current caller experience after business hours is painful for customers and agents. At best, the brand allows the caller to leave a voicemail, but handling voicemails is still a notorious time-suck for agents. We’ve spoken to brands whose agents spend up to 5 hours every day listening to voicemails! More often than not, callers leaving a voicemail also reach out on other channels to get immediate assistance. This means agents waste time on already solved tickets when they could be helping other customers.

The Solution – Introducing NOAH

Flip’s No Operator Available Handling (NOAH) allows your customers to call when it’s convenient for them, and optimizes ticket handling for agents.

When a customer calls outside of operating hours, Flip first attempts to automate the call. If we can’t, NOAH will record a voicemail, transcribe it, store the caller’s details, and then send everything, including the recording, directly to your support email. If you offer 24/7 chat services, NOAH even gives callers the option to go directly to chat.

With NOAH, agents no longer need to listen to individual voicemails to determine who called, what they called about, or if the issue was already resolved. Instead, NOAH gives agents the information they need to solve customer issues instantly.

By integrating phone and digital channels, NOAH enables brands to create a truly omnichannel and seamless experience for customers and agents alike.

No agents? No problem!

NOAH provides “always-on” phone support even if you don’t have agents staffing the phone. Simply enable the service all the time so that anyone calling in will reach NOAH, and not a dead-end.

How it Works

As with everything we do here at Flip, implementing NOAH is quick, easy, and improves the caller experience immediately.

First, you will set your configurations on the Flip portal. The configurations include business hours, and the email address where transcriptions and recordings should be sent. NOAH can also direct your callers to your 24/7 chatbot, which you’re able to set on the NOAH configurations page.

Once you’ve enabled NOAH, your support team will stop seeing voicemails pile up and start receiving detailed emails from voicemails@flipcx.com. The email includes call details, caller information, a voice-to-text transcription, and the voicemail recording.

Get started today 

Whether you get 10 calls a day or 10,000, Flip is here to help reduce your support costs and improve your caller experience. Flip’s automated voicebot takes only a few minutes to turn on and reduces call volume by 40%. With a 30-day free trial, month-to-month contracts, and pay-per-use pricing, we make it easy for CS teams to implement the best phone support on the market.

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