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6 Reasons To Celebrate Great CX

by | Jun 14, 2023 | Blog, Announcements

There’s a heck of a lot of noise out there. So much happening every moment of every day, and finding time to take a breath sometimes feels like a luxury. 

Them’s the facts in today’s world. So, why should people take a few precious minutes to—oh, I don’t know—nominate awesome CX folks in DTC & E-Comm for the first ever Back To The Customer (B2C) Awards

So glad you asked 🙂 

First things first – What the Flip are the Back To The Customer (B2C) Awards? 

These Awards are created specifically for Customer Experience pros in DTC & E-Comm to celebrate extraordinary work in 3 categories: CX Leaders, Frontline MVPs, and Brands as a whole.

B2C 2023 is hosted by FlipKustomer, and Aircall – 3 companies passionate about shining a light on spectacular CX. 

But it really has nothing to do with us and everything to do with the people who—day in and day out—are providing the kind of customer service that (at the risk of sounding cheesy) makes the world a better place. Those individuals and teams who bring the focus back to where it always should have been: the customer. 

And we’ve got 6 spectacular Judges on board who are just as jazzed about the cause as we are. Why?

Well, let’s dive into that, shall we… 

Motivation from some of the best in CX

Nate Brown is Senior Director of CX at Arise, Co-Founder of CX Accelerator, and a huge champion of customer experience. To know Nate is to know how much he cares about celebrating exceptional CX. And the Back To The Customer Awards? In his mind, it’s an ideal platform to do precisely that. 

Which leads me to…

Reason #1 To Celebrate Great CX: It’s not done enough. 

As Nate says,  “We don’t offer authentic recognition of the great things that are going on in the CX space enough. This contest is really meant to bring authenticity into that recognition cycle.” 

To Nate, it’s about honoring those who are putting in the time – who are courageously innovating and rewriting the CX playbook. “Those are the ones that we want to be pulling out from the crowd and just saying, ‘Yes! Wonderful! Keep doing the amazing things that you’re doing.’” 

We couldn’t agree more. 

Reason #2 To Celebrate Great CX: It strengthens community. 

Head of CX at Feastables, and another honored B2C Judge, Jess Cervellon is about as authentic and no-nonsense as they come. So when she says she believes in the power of customer experience—and those who make it happen—you best believe she means it.

When asked why she thinks people should nominate CX folks for B2C 2023, Jess kept it simple: “A lot of it comes down to community.”  

She points out that CX can occasionally be a thankless job.

“We’re taking care of the customers all over the place, in every different capacity… This is an opportunity to really allow other members of your team—or members that you see outside of your brand doing dope things—to be elevated. Elevating the CX community, as well as elevating CX as a whole.”

Essentially, recognizing “dope” CX efforts = the elevation of an entire community. We like the sound of that. 

Reason #3 To Celebrate Great CX: Customer Experience folks make the world go ‘round. 

Liz Tsai, Founder & CEO of HiOperator and B2C Judge, emphatically believes that CX folks make the world go ‘round.

As she puts it, “Whatever service, experience you’re trying to sell – the CX folks around you, they’re the ones who make sure that you have a great experience. And they’re often behind the scenes.”

Liz offers some advice: Take this opportunity to recognize a great team member, a leader you’ve looked up to, an awesome brand – to nominate them for “this recognition that honestly CX teams don’t get enough of.” 

Hear Hear! Recognition is key, partly because… well, read on. 

Reason #4 To Celebrate Great CX: CX pros deal with a LOT of stress behind the scenes. 

“CX is constantly dealing with maybe the most stressful conversations that anyone at the brand has to have,” says Ben Segal – B2C Judge and VP of CX at Thesis.

He also points out that people in customer experience are really the ones creating the reputation of brands out in the market. 

“So, anytime you can put a spotlight on these individuals,” says Ben, “Be it the leaders or the frontline reps, and give them a little bit of a time to shine and say thank you, I’m all about that.” 

As are we. 

Reason #5 To Celebrate Great CX: Showing gratitude publicly matters. 

The Back To The Customer Awards present a unique opportunity. Jenna Best, VP of CX at Brooklinen and another esteemed B2C Judge, agrees. 

“I’m sure many of us have internal ways of recognizing each of these individuals,” she says. “But I think this is such an incredible way to honor frontline teammates and elevate their names.” 

The value of that kind of validation can’t be overstated.

As Jenna says, “Many of us only have performance reviews twice a year, so to be able to add another way of saying thank you and another way of recognizing these individuals I think is really special.”

Reason #6 To Celebrate Great CX: It has the power to inspire an entire industry. 

Alexandria Collis, Senior Director of Operations at Princess Polly and B2C Judge, takes it one step further. 

She believes that—yes— these awards are “an excellent opportunity to really recognize the hard work and dedication of those who strive to make a difference in the world of customer experience.” 

But to that she adds, “Celebrating their achievements not only validates their efforts, but it also serves as an inspiration to others in the industry.”

In today’s noisy, non-stop world, we need that kind of inspiration. So, the real question is… who will YOU nominate? 

The submission window is open June 15th through September 8th, 2023. Details & how to nominate HERE.

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