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July Product Release: Kill The Flow-Builder

If you’ve spent some time in the world of customer experience, customer service, or even marketing, odds are you’ve built some flows of a chatbot or IVR. It probably looked something like this:

This image is of a flow builder and was pulled from our own chatbot so we get it, it’s crazy and this is not even the craziest image.

And after the honeymoon phase, felt something like this:

Well y’all, you can rejoice – because you should never need to build decision trees, write scripts, or provide manual training again. 

THAT is going to be the biggest impact of this era of Generative AI (for CX). 

For the newbies, we at Flip provide AI-powered Voice Automation for the world’s best Commerce and Transportation brands. We replace that old *insert expletive* IVR phone robot with an experience that’s smart, helpful, and fun. 

And you guessed it, there’s no flow-building for the brand implementing it. 

Over the past 3 months we’ve re-architected our entire product from the ground up towards what we believe will be the new normal. 

Now we’d like to bring you under the hood, focused for today on our Commerce product. 

Let’s go!


Flip’s simple configurations screen.

With Flip, instead of the chaos of the flow-builder, you have simple settings to configure – dropdowns, sliders, checkboxes – that establish your brand, policies, and CX strategy. 

So rather than countless mind-numbing hours writing scripts and wrangling engineering resources to support, you’re focused on: 

  • What’s the new order strategy over the phone? Are we allowing it or trying to maximize it? 
  • What’s the agent strategy? How are we handling after hours? What calls should be prioritized?  
  • How rigid do you want to be on your policies? 
  • What is your “Saves” strategy to reduce order/subscription cancellations, returns, etc? 
  • Is your brand trying to drive SMS subscribers, app downloads, or quiz participation? 

We’ve added 200+ settings to give you the strategic controls. And you can fill them all out in 30 minutes. From there, the AI handles the rest. 

Enough reading though, let’s dive into some videos!

Portal and more:

How we integrate with your OMS and Phone system:

How we set up 200+ pre-built intents for brands just like yours:

Interested in a deeper dive and open Q&A with our team? Check out our Demo Day replay here. 

Hope to see you there! 🤠✌️

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