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13cabs + Flip: Automating The Road To Success

13cabs is the largest Australian-owned and operated taxi fleet. With more than 8,000 cabs on the road, they cover New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, and Western Australia. 

Named after their phone number (13 22 27 or “13cabs”), this impressive fleet has come a long way since it was founded in 1946. 

When Flip was introduced to 13cabs, a significant percentage of its workforce was dedicated to answering calls. At the time, their SLA was 70% of calls answered in 30 seconds or less, but — despite best efforts and automation with another supplier — they were only getting ~30% attribution, which led to an issue in terms of abandoned call rate. 

That’s when they Flipped the script – joining forces with the kind of automation that has helped skyrocket their success ever since. 

Once implemented, Flip was able to help 13cabs reach 100% of their SLA, instantly automating over 90% of calls daily. As 13cabs Project Manager Reenu Bhasin points out: “When Flip sells, they say ‘Booking automation rate of over 80%.’ But, we have seen over 90% automation – beyond what Flip promises. It’s not achievable in most circumstances, especially with being such a big company with so many different fleets.” 

On the operational side, 13cabs and Flip quickly found their rhythm. “I have to say how easily and quickly we were able to deploy the solution, working with the Flip team,” says Reenu. “They understand us, and we know them – although from two different directions, it was one team working towards a solution.”

That kind of collaboration has been key in Flip’s relationship with 13cabs – not only for quick implementation and smooth processes but for customer-driven innovation. “It’s working together—and thinking together—for a solution,” explains Reenu. “When we get stuck, we go to Flip. It’s, ‘Hey, can we do this?’ then Flip’s response of, ‘Oh, that’s a good suggestion! Let me implement this.’” 

And, a rapid delivery of those updated options is always a top priority. As Reenu puts it, “The capability of Flip to quickly turn around is amazing. So, it’s not that I have a problem today and you give me a solution in six months. You give me a solution now. You solve the problem there and then.”

In finding its pace with Flip’s automation, this Aussie company has readjusted its staffing, improved metrics across the board, and established the kind of customer experience that consistently delivers the “better” they believe in. 

Olivia Barry, Chief Operating Officer of 13cabs says: “The integration of Flip into 13cabs has been very successful for our business. As well, we continue to work collaboratively in what is a genuine partnership to continuously improve our offerings.”   

Next up for 13cabs and Flip? The integration of automated credit card payments and even more positive customer experiences. Flip is thrilled to be part of helping to make it happen.

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