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Offer Warranties? These 2 Updates Ensure You Can Automate Calls About Them

It’s product release day!

Today, we’re digging into how Flip handles warranty calls.

Sometimes, sh*t breaks…

But the good news is, if you’re a brand that offers warranties—whether you call them limited lifetime warranties, extended warranties, or a service agreement, etc—on your products, you can automate the calls about them.

Flip can help your callers get started with registering their products – offering to text them the info they need to get themselves set up.

Beyond new registrations, Flip can also answer questions about warranty info, and help your callers start a claim on a warrantied item.

The process is simple. You can set Flip up to send callers wanting to start a claim through the Request Replacement intent handling flow, or you can send them through the process to start a return.

It’s up to you, and it’s all configurable in mere seconds.

Want to see the setup process and hear how these warranty configurations will sound to your callers? Check out this video where Kristina goes through it all.

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