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How Flip Doubled Aqua Cars’ Automation In 1 Week

Aqua Cars joined forces with Flip in October of 2022, and it’s been an awesome ride so far!

Founded in 1984—and recently acquired by Veezu—this fantastic fleet of over 700 cars is the largest private hire company in Portsmouth and the South Coast, UK. It prides itself on delivering the best possible service – processing close to 10,000 calls per day, with 90% of all bookings arriving within 5 minutes. And we couldn’t be happier to be part of that.

How It Started 

Before implementing Flip, Aqua Cars was dealing with a lot of inconsistency with staff. And their IVR at the time was struggling to alleviate the issue. Essentially, they were having some very human problems and needed to find a better balance with automation. 

“The functionality of Flip is very informative, allowing you to control numbers using the portal via the dashboard, such as no caller IDs, nuisance callers, runners, etc.,” says Bruce Hall, Aqua Cars General Manager. 

“The system has great analytics too, keeping Aqua Cars informed of weekly trends and allowing us to get a much better understanding of what staff we require day and night to answer the phones.“

Flip took a unique approach while implementing Aqua Cars – recognizing that this company’s particular needs included face-to-face time in order to set them up for the best success. For us, it’s about stepping in where we can be most helpful, and—in building a Flip foundation with this fleet—we were thrilled to provide the kind of support they actually needed.

How It’s Going 

Together, Flip and Aqua Cars have reached incredible results… and fast! After the first week trial, Flip instantly doubled Aqua Cars’ automation.

As Bruce puts it, “Well! There is ‘IVR’ –  then there is Flip. It removes the uncertainty of how all calls are answered, as they are answered professionally and in exactly the same way, complete uniformity. Flip handles 80%+ of all calls that come in.”

This awesome fleet also jumped in as one of the first Flip customers to launch our fixed phones feature—to great success—and have gone on to utilize our entire feature stack,  including our recent Hangup Callout feature and our Temporary Scheduling Blocker

Bruce is an especially big fan of the latter. “When we are busy, our Controllers can turn Flip off, but Flip then automatically turns back on after a set period of time (set by you) – allowing us to control the work we take.” 

Aqua Cars’ willingness to dive into Flip’s full feature stack has set them on a fast-track to successful automation, and it’s one of the reasons their metrics are so spectacular. 

In Bruce’s words, “If you haven’t tried Flip, try it, you will not be disappointed.”

We couldn’t agree more. 

Their Tech Stack:

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