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Fast Track Your Fleet: Amped Up Options For Fixed Phones, IVR Handoff, & Analytics

Hey transportation friends! We know you deal with very unique challenges in the industry. At Flip, we make it our business to understand those and to offer solutions designed specifically with your needs in mind. 

This week, we took some of our most utilized transportation features and—incorporating input from our fantastic customers—added some amped-up options. 

Options like: 

  • Fixed Phones – No Response Auto Book
  • Agent IVR Handoff V2: Including Hang-up Callouts
  • Outbound Analytics Improvements 

Let’s dig into some details. 

Simplifying The Process

You probably already know that, with Flip’s Fixed Phones feature, we can automate up to 90% of bookings coming in from locations with a single, recognizable phone number. We just need a table number, room number, etc. – as the need for flexibility in booking processes, especially for hotels and restaurants, is something we fully understand. 

Now, thanks to input from Flip customers, we’ve made the lift even lighter – adding a No Response Auto Book option to the mix. This lets fleets place a booking without needing any input from the caller. 

What does that look like? Glad you asked!

Say, for example, a busy hotel concierge calls the fleet to book a ride for a guest. But, a line of other guests is winding out into the lobby. 

On occasions like this, your caller shouldn’t have to juggle work with a phone to their ear (no matter how brief the interaction) just to provide a room number. 


  • They can place the receiver on the desk.
  • The taxi will auto book and then end the call. 

It’s all about giving your customers one less thing to deal with. And, it’s ridiculously simple to set up in Flip’s portal… just a check of a box. 

Making It Easy For Callers & Agents 

No one likes to repeat themselves on a phone call. Which is why Flip offers our Agent IVR Handoff feature.  

Originally built for Cab9 & Shamrock clients, this feature provides call centre agents the information Flip captured before the call transferred to an Operator. I.e. the zone was fully booked, pickup address, name, time captured… all that good stuff. 

This enhancement was built to:

  1. Alleviate caller frustration by eliminating the need to repeat details already captured by Flip to the call agent.
  2. Improve efficiency and boost call handlers’ productivity, by providing them with the necessary information upfront. 


In V2 of this feature, we’ve taken it a step further – creating an option for the Agent IVR Handoff to include Hang-up Callout information as well. 

So, if a caller receives a hangup callback—and selects an operator option—the original call information captured will be presented to the operator upon answering.

With this update, you’ll eliminate hassle, and set your agents up for greater success. 

Utilizing That Data 

You’re always working to improve your processes. At Flip, we’re all about utilizing analytics to help you do precisely that. Which means it’s an aspect of the product we’re constantly improving. 

The latest? 

Outbound Analytics now features a dynamic date trend line showcasing outbound call activity, which offers a more comprehensive view beyond a single number.

And, more enhancements are in the works (always) for analytics. So, stay tuned!

That’ll do us for now. Keep an eye out for our next transportation product release – 2 weeks from today, on the dot. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about what Flip can do specifically for your fleet, let’s chat.