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Low effort, high impact CX? Yes please!

by | May 25, 2022 | Perspectives

Ah, customer service. Oh so important and—too often—oh so tricky.

If you’ve ever wished you could outsource your more menial daily tasks, hi there! Nice to meet you. And me too, friend.

As a parent of three little boys (the most demanding “customers” on the planet… I dare you to challenge me on that), I could use a clone—or ten—of myself to get basic things done. And I’d be willing to bet most customer service reps can relate.

Constant, repetitive, mind-numbing interactions with angry customers who just want to know when the $#&% their order will be delivered is no one’s dream job.

Which is probably why the position has the #1 turnover rate in the country. Combine too many calls with not enough reps, and everyone loses. You, your staff, your customers, your bottom line. Everyone.

Plus it’s just a pain in the butt.

That’s where we come in. Meet Flip – the low effort, high impact voice automation solution.

We handle the simple calls—think WISMO, cancellations, returns, warranties, catalog subscriptions—for cheap. No really… free trial, no contract required, results-based pricing. Results like a 40% reduction in hold time, and significant improvement in all CX metrics.

Plus, we provide ‘after hours’ handling to service customers while your grateful reps catch some shut-eye.

Need more? Because we’re pre-integrated and partnered with the tools you already use, we can be up and running in less than 30 minutes.

30 minutes to the kind of change that’ll crown you problem-solver of the year (woot woot!).

Alright, let’s go ahead and bring it on back to that parenting analogy, shall we? (Indulge me.) While every interaction with my children is important, the are-we-there-yets just need a quick and easy answer. If I could automate those, imagine the energy I could dedicate to really connecting in our more complex interactions.

Flip provides precisely that opportunity, empowering your customer service agents to be able to focus their energy where it’s needed most. Happy employees. Happy customers. Happy you.

Want to learn more about our voicebot and see it in action? Click here to schedule a meeting with us. Already sold on signing up for a free trial? This is the link for you.

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