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The Crap I’d Rather Do Instead Of Dialing Your Call Center

by | May 26, 2022 | Perspectives

I saw a statistic the other day that said 42% of people would rather scrub a toilet than call customer service.

That should tell us all something we already know: calling support sucks. Or at least, that’s the general consensus.

There are too many callers dialing into call centers with too few agents who are overworked and exhausted from resolving menial task after menial task. All this results in long queues, frustrated customers, annoyed agents, and time and resources wasted on all accounts.

So with that in mind, I set out to jot down a list of all—ok, not all, but a baker’s dozen—of the crap I’d rather do instead of calling customer support to resolve a simple issue. Here goes:

  1. SCRUB A TOILET (Lol, of course I’m in that 42% club)
  2. Clean out the shower drain (long hair problems…)
  3. Express my dog’s anal glands (yep, I went there)
  4. Do literally anything at the DMV or Social Security Office
  5. Set up Ikea furniture (those terrible “instruction” illustrations irk me to no end)
  6. Eat a cheeseburger that has mustard on it (Yellow mustard on a burger is an abomination. I will die on this hill.)
  7. Have a root canal…
  8. Break my foot again and have to wear one of those ugly walking casts for months again
  9. Be on a 6 hour flight that’s turbulent the whole way
  10. Train for and run a marathon (I’m not a runner… My nickname at the office is “floppy knee caps” but we’ll save that story for another post.)
  11. Be face-to-face with my sleep paralysis demon
  12. Be hexed by a witch (probably?)
  13. Change a tire on the side of the freeway at 2:00 AM while it’s snowing and I’m wearing heels

But here’s the thing, calling in to customer support doesn’t have to be so dread-inducing that I’d honestly rather repeatedly jump in an ice bath. It’s also not your fault – or anyone else’s, for that matter. We’re all human and only have the capacity to handle so much in a day. So why not let a not-so-human voice assistant take care of the easy stuff for you?

Let’s try automating those calls to support that don’t require a human to be resolved. Those calls about order status, tracking, simple returns, etc. Those calls that unnecessarily inundate your agents.

That’s what we do at Flip. When a customer dials your support line, our voicebot takes the call. If the issue is a simple one, we resolve it right away so your agents don’t have to, giving them the space they need to spend time resolving those more complex issues that really need a human touch.

This kind of call center automation isn’t just good for your agents, it’s good for your customer experience as well. Your customers don’t want to sit in a queue waiting for someone to answer their simple question. They want quick and seamless resolution. Thank goodness there’s a friendly voicebot at your fingertips ready to take their calls. 😉

Curious to see it in action? Book a call with us and we’ll give you a tour.

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