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Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared To Implement Flip CX Ahead Of Peak Season

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Perspectives

Welcome to spooky season where sweater weather, crunchy leaves on the ground, pumpkin spice lattes, and the sun setting earlier and earlier means everything is haunted and there’s someone with a chainsaw hiding around every corner.

Ok, maybe this season isn’t quite that extreme—no matter how much I wish it were—and there’s not someone (or someTHING) lurking in the shadows.

However, there is one potentially super scary thing that’s coming up right behind you… BOO! It’s PEAK SEASON!!!!!!

Apologies for the jump scare – it’s completely understandable if any mention of the dreaded PS sends chills down your spine. I can’t promise the rest of this blog post isn’t a B-rated thriller, but I can promise prizes/bribes for reading on.

If you’re here, you likely know that the ghosties of Peak Seasons past that are haunting your psyche—and let’s be real… your call center—can be thwarted this year not by Tangina Barrons but through automation with Flip. Name the movie referenced in that last sentence and I’ll send you a $10 SBUX gift card* for that pumpkin spice latte you’ve been craving since the first sentence of this post – you’ll find my email at the end of this. 

All of those WISMO and returns calls will suddenly be evicted from your headset… we’ll be taking care of them, but it will feel like a refreshing exorcism (if there exists such a thing – if not, let’s just call it a smudging?).

I know you can imagine what that will feel like. Given the context of this post, I imagine it’d feel like that wave of relief you get when you get to the end of the horror movie and you’ve made it out alive.

But we both know that even though you can imagine it, that doesn’t mean you’re not scared as all get-out to actually implement Flip ahead of Peak Season. I get it. It’d be a new platform in your tech stack and implementing that during the busiest time of the year is TERRIFYING, right?

WRONG. Implementing Flip is not scary. Promise. It’s so not scary that brands like Brooklinen and UNTUCKit have both implemented Flip just days ahead of BFCM and both survived to tell the tale – THRIVED even. Click the link on Brooklinen and you can hear them talk about it for realsies. Or just look at this quote:

“We really decided to launch the product a week before Black Friday. So, I actually did not think this was gonna’ work. I was like—hey, maybe we should shoot for 11/30. 11/18 is seeming really soon—that’s 6 days from now. The product, the solution, was up and running by 11/18.”Jack Lorentzen, Senior Manager of Customer Experience at Brooklinen

Here’s the thing. We’re able to get you up and running in almost no time at all. We’re talking a half hour phone call where we get your Shopify key and a few other pieces of info, plug it in, and BAM! You’ve automated, friend. 

And it. just. works. Right out of the proverbial box (if you’ve seen the new Hellraiser, not that kind of box).

From there, we can tweak scripts so our Voice Assistant can best represent the personality of your brand when it answers customer calls on your behalf in a totally non-creepy way. We’ll also be your always-on agent so even when the humans aren’t awake to answer calls, there’s “someone” available to resolve basic issues or document more complex ones so the actual people (they won’t be zombies because automation will help them keep their sanity during Peak Season) can respond the next morning. 

That’s the tip of the iceberg for cool things Flip can do. It’s some kind of magic or something. I’m not entirely convinced that our R&D team isn’t made up of witches and wizards, since they are capable of such sorcery. 

I hope that quells your fears even a little – at least as much as spellcasting can. I’ll also let you in on another little secret: you can get a 14-day free trial to see if Flip is going to work for you. And if you time things right, that 14-day free trial could happen over BFCM which means you won’t pay for that onslaught of call volume that Flip would be handling. That’s scary good, right?

Anyway, this post is absurd enough so I’m going to wrap this up. If somehow reading this has convinced you that Flip is worth a shot, click here to schedule a demo and then send me an email at with your mailing address and I’ll send you a little present that proves you’re not shaking in your boots this Peak Season.


*Only valid through Thanksgiving 2022. I’m not made of $10 SBUX gift cards, people.

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