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Feeling F’ed For The Holidays?!?

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Perspectives

With a headline like that, I feel like I owe you a “thanks for clicking” right off the bat. And I’ll forewarn you, I’m on a plane writing this, there’s a screaming baby on said plane, and I’ve got some sass pent up in me so don’t be surprised if you see some… choice language in this blog post.

I was in a meeting the other day and our CRO—shoutout to Sam Krut—said something that inspired the headline, though I don’t remember exactly what. Given that we’re rapidly hurtling toward peak season, I can’t say I’m surprised that what follows is the inspiration I took from that meeting. 

You clicked, so I imagine you’re feeling that holiday anxiety rising up within you – the leaves are changing and it’s officially cozy season. That crush of orders and the inevitable calls that follow gives me the chills and I’m just a marketer writing about it. 

“Where’s my $&!?%@* order?!?” 

How many times have you heard that? How many times have you wanted to respond with “It’s on its way mother$&!?€#”?

If it’s enough times to make you want to grab a pitchfork or light your headset on fire before escaping the abyss of absurdity that is retail customer service in peak season, I have a gift for you. And it might just be the gift of sanity. 

This might sound a bit like the start of some weird late night infomercial, but what if one tool could solve all your problems?

I say that semi-facetiously, we can’t solve all your problems, but enough of them that you (probably) won’t hate Santa as early as November 29th. But I can guarantee you that this tool is capable of eliminating somewhere around 70%—give or take—of those calls you get that are as maddening as “Where’s my $&!?%@* order?!?” 

You’re on our website, so you may already know a bit about what we do here at Flip. If not, I’ll give you the gist of it. We’re in the business of voice automation for customer support. We’re not another one of those crappy IVRs that make the customers calling into you all the more upset, no. We’re a little closer to Alexa, but for business. 

We plug into your Shopify and your Gladly and your Returnly and all the other tools in your tech stack – even the ones that don’t end in a “y.” When customer Susan calls in to ask where the product she just ordered for her niece from your fine website is, we’re able to pull up Susan’s info and order details within an instant and have our human-like voice answer her questions so that you don’t have to. In fact, you’ll only have to talk to a customer like Susan in the event that our non-human AI isn’t able to resolve a more complex issue than the ones that you spend 89% of your day answering. 

AND IT GETS BETTER. I’m craving an ice cream sandwich right now, so I’m going to sweeten this a little bit. If you sign up with us (14-day free trial is built in, so YES to risk free – we like that) and then refer a friend or several—as many as you want really, as long as they might actually use a platform like ours, so like professional friends—to take a demo with us, I will personally enter you in a drawing to win an all-inclusive trip to Mexico for two paid for by your new best friends at Flip.

Your agents will be happier. Your customers will be thrilled. You just might get to relax on a beach in Mexico. Even your upper management will be singing your praises (because all that automation will mean they don’t have to hire so many seasonal workers to cover the phones, and they won’t have to pay our Voice a liveable wage – HELLO COST REDUCTION FOR INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY).

So go be the hero. Go tell whoever makes the decisions on what’s added to your tech stack that you’ve got THE great new thing that will stop the headaches before they start. You can also tell them that we can be implemented in a single, painless phone call in 30 minutes or less (REALLY). Heck, you can even tell them you already negotiated a discount with that 14-day free trial – just don’t show them this blog post. You probably shouldn’t anyway given all the pent-up sass I warned you about.

If you need a little backup before you go and talk to whomever you need to talk to, go here and use our savings calculator. Trust me, it’ll convince them. 

Once you’ve done that (already set that link to open in a new tab, you’re welcome), click here to get started.

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