23 July, 2024
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17 New Voice Options To Give Your Callers The Most Natural Automated Call Experience

This Thursday’s update is a juicy one. And it was inspired by HexClad’s Michael Ludwig.

Ludwig is all about making customer experience frictionless and natural. And so too is Flip.

But somewhere around 95% of the updates we feature in these weekly releases are centered around the “frictionless” side of things – with updates revolving around new call intents that Flip can automate.

This week, we’re focusing on the “natural,” i.e. making Flip sound more natural to callers.

Flip now has 17 new voices for brands to choose from. 

Female and male voices. American, British, Irish, Scottish, and Australian accents. And three generative voice options that give callers a very smooth voice experience.

Changing the voice used for your brand is as easy as navigating to the General Call Settings area of the Flip portal, and selecting your desired voice from the Flip Voice widget. 

There’s even a handy little sample recording of each so you can hear how your new voice will sound before you hit Save.

Better still, for you international brands, the voice can be set on the subgroup level – so your callers in the US hear an American accent and your Australian callers hear an accent that matches theirs. 

And best of all, these voices are available across verticals. All Flip customers have the ability to select a voice that best represents their region, their callers, and their brand.

In this week’s video, Kristina walks you through how to set up these new voice options, and serves up a test call featuring our new Gen Ruth voice option. And wow, does it sound good.

If you haven’t already, hear more from Michael Ludwig and read all about HexClad’s experience using Flip to automate 80% of all calls in our latest case study.

Until next Thursday! 

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