23 July, 2024
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Items Missing From Your Customer’s Order? Flip Serves Up Rapid Resolution Via MMS

It’s the last Thursday of the quarter, the last Thursday of June, and also happens to be National Ice Cream Cake Day – a fact that would bring this writer joy if she had an ice cream cake.

Since I don’t, I instead have found joy in this week’s update.

Today, we’re covering what Flip can do in the event a caller to your brand has found that an item is missing from their recently delivered order.

Certainly, a brand finds joy when a shopper orders multiple items. But that shopper is met with anything but when they excitedly open their box only to find 1 out of 3 items ordered isn’t there.

So they call you. And you, brilliant Customer Experience leader that you are, have Flip automating calls for you. 

Flip answers the call, and when it hears your customer say that there’s an item missing from their order, it lets them know the fastest way to resolve the issue is to text your brand with a picture of their opened box, and asks the caller if they’d like Flip to initiate that conversation.

The caller agrees, and Flip texts them with a note to text back with their order number and the picture – both of which instantly appear in your helpdesk so your agent can confirm, respond, and resolve the issue.

Your customer gets a speedy resolution – no callback required. 

And just like every other new intent or feature we roll out, turning this on can be done in seconds.

In this week’s video, Kristina walks you through how to turn on this resolution via MMS, shows you what the exchange looks like in a helpdesk—in this example, you’ll see it in Gladly—and has included a sample call so you can hear just how quick of a conversation this can be for your callers.

We’ll be off celebrating the Fourth of July next week, so see you July 11th!

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