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2 Voice AI Updates Ready To Optimize Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday

It’s almost turkey time, y’all! And, no doubt you’re already fielding a flood of peak season requests in your contact center. 

This week’s Flip updates offer you options designed to improve every interaction – for both your agents and your customers, with: 

  • AI Caller Sentiment On Tickets  
  • After Hours SMS Channel Transfer  

AI solutions should actually simplify – don’t you think? 

Let’s get into some details.


When it comes to your callers, this time of year can bring out… some feelings. And, with peak season volume climbing, your agents get to encounter ALL of them (and then some). 

Flip is now offering an update that’s all about helping your agents know what kind of energy they’re walking into when they answer or follow up on a call.  

But, we might be getting ahead of ourselves here. Quick recap…

You already know that Flip can have a conversation with your caller, automatically generate a transcript to include on the ticket, and—if you turn on the AI Summary configuration option—run the transcript through ChatGPT to create a short summary at the top of the ticket.  

Our AI Caller Sentiment update adds a sexy new layer on top of all that. You can now run an AI sentiment checker on the call transcript. Which determines if the caller’s sentiment on the call is:

  1. Negative
  2. Neutral
  3. Positive 

All you have to do is toggle the option on, and the label shows up on the ticket. It’s available on all Helpdesks, and it gives your agents that added visibility to provide a personalized approach when speaking with each customer. 


To provide the best After Hours support for your call center, Flip’s classic approach has been:

  1. Try to automate the conversation
  2. If we can’t automate, create a ticket with the voicemail for your agent to follow up 

There’s now an additional option.

If your brand offers extended SMS-support hours (beyond voice hours), or if you’d simply prefer to channel transfer callers to SMS, our new After Hours SMS Channel Transfer lets you do precisely that. 

It’s as easy as turning on our new config—”Offer SMS”—on the After Hours page.

Once turned on, this feature lets us send a text to the caller so they can reply to that with their message – instead of leaving a voicemail. And, if the caller doesn’t want an SMS, we’ll simply continue with voicemail. 

Because—we’ll say it again—you deserve options to customize your process. And, we’re dead-set on providing them. 

That’s it for now. Keep an eye out for next week’s release. And, as always, if you’d like to learn how Flip can help your brand conquer this crazy time of year (and beyond), let’s talk.

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