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Bye Bye Black Friday, Hello 11 WISMO & Returns Calls Features

You did it! You made it through Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and now—dear eComm and retail CX friends—you get to deal with the aftermath. 

It’s going to be WISMO & Returns city these next weeks. Flip is set, ready, and raring to help simplify the whole process for your agents and your customers—while adding some sparkle—with 4 new updates: 

  • Attentive Integration – Proactive Updates 
  • Recognizing Problem Orders To Escalate 
  • Integration with Fulfil
  • Special Holiday Return Window 

While we’re at it – heck, let’s go ahead and lay out a list of even more top ways Flip can help your brand with WISMO calls and Returns. 

No more yapping – here come the goods! 


First up, our new integration with Attentive – which is opening up some awesome possibilities. Here’s how it works: 

  • Your customer calls and asks where their order is. 
  • Flip tells them where it is. 
  • We next offer to text their tracking link, PLUS…
  • We also ask them if they’d like to subscribe to your brand’s SMS program (for both transactional and marketing texts).
  • Which means they’d receive proactive delivery updates for all of their active orders as well as your marketing offers.

If your customer is calling about WISMO, they’re clearly anxious to be kept informed about when their package will arrive. Offering them the option to sign up for SMS updates just makes sense, and Flip is happy to make it happen. 

Your customers get a great experience. Your brand gets SMS subscribers. Holly jolly all around. 


Excellent customer service is generally time-sensitive. This next update is a stress-saving solution designed with that very thing in mind. 

In the Flip portal, there are configurations for the standard fulfillment time – aka how long you expect it to take to process a customer’s order. 

Here’s what it does.

Let’s say a customer calls in asking where their order is (WISMO party yet again). The promised delivery was within 1-3 days, and it’s now a week later – way beyond the guaranteed fulfillment time. 

Rather than serve up some generic “your order is still being processed” BS, Flip will: 

  1. Identify that there’s a problem with that order, and 
  2. Escalate it. 

It’s about helping you deliver fast, accurate answers and real resolutions for your customers. 

On the flip side (see what I did there), if a customer calls in during the regular delivery window with “where is my order of 27 eggnog kegs?” and we can see it’s simply still on its way, Flip lets them know and does NOT escalate the call. 

Organized, prioritized automation. 


We’re super jazzed about this next one – an integration with Fulfil

Quick groundwork: Because Flip works with Shopify (& other OMS systems), we’re able to pull all info on the orders your customers place on your site. We then can access the tracking information from UPS/FedEx/Etc. 

What our integration with Fulfil does is this: 

  • Instead of just getting the information from your brand’s website and the delivery company… 
  • Via Fulfil, we’ll now have info on everything going through your warehouse. 
  • Which means, for you brands that are omnichannel—selling on Amazon, Walmart, all that jazz and in multiple locations—we’ll have a MUCH more complete view of each order’s information. Including even more detailed updates on the very specific status of each order. 

More detailed information + Flip = Even better CX & EX. 


Then there’s the post-holiday returns party (woot woot!), which we all know can feel like a messy white elephant situation. Here’s a Flip feature that should simplify things. 

Say your brand offered a special returns policy for your Black Friday shoppers… i.e. buy between Black Friday and Christmas, and get free returns until March 15th. 

Flip can now identify the orders that fit that particular criteria and respond accordingly. 

Ain’t customization grand? 

Now, as promised, let’s touch on some of those other Flip capabilities that can drastically improve both WISMO & Returns for your brand heading into 2024.


Customized Handling – Flip provides different handling, based on whether or not we’ve identified/confirmed an order with the caller. 

More Resolve Options – We can provide the latest update from 3PL (3rd party logistics)—integrated with all via Shippo—accounting for multi-fulfillment + buy online ship in store status’, pickup orders, and more.

More Deflect Options – Flip provides directions for finding a caller’s delivery update, including optional text messaging with tracking page URL. 


Sharing Your Policy – Flip has the ability to share your policy highlights over the phone + send a text with a link to more info. 

Start The Return – Flip can also start returns, with a plethora of helpful options: 

  • Different handling, based on whether your caller is inside or outside the return window (or if no order is determined/confirmed).
  • Native integrations with all major returns providers – including LoopHappy Returns, and Narvar
  • Deflect, by giving instructions on where to begin + texting a deeplink. 
  • Resolve via ticket
  • If outside of the window, Flip lets the caller know and apologizes.

Convert Return To Exchange – If a caller wants to start a return, we’ll let them know there’s instant credit for doing an exchange instead.

Share Return/Refund Status – Flip can share your policy and specific status from your OMS or returns platform.

There’s more where that came from. But—let’s be honest—we’re all still recovering from a turkey coma, and less IS more.

Be sure to keep an eye out for next week’s release. And, as always, if you’d like to learn more about what Flip can do for your brand… like, right now, let’s talk.

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