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4 New Call Flows For Unique Subscription Cancellation Reasons

Congrats, you made it to our favorite day of the week: Thursday because Flip update day.

And this week’s update is a juicy one.

If you offer subscriptions – this update is for you. You’ve now got the ability to have Flip go through different flows based on why a caller wants to cancel their subscription.

In the example we go through in this week’s demo video (which you can watch below), we go through the handling for different reasons one might want to cancel their hair color subscription. Specifically, four different reasons: Too Expensive, Going Gray, Too Much Product, and Other.

And we offer four different flows that you can set up for any or all of the reasons above:

  1. Cancel Via API
  2. Offer to Skip Next Order and Cancel Via API if the Skip is Declined
  3. Offer to Skip Next Order and Escalate if Skip is Declined
  4. Deflect to Cancellation URL SMS

So if, say, Kristina has a subscription for hair color to cover grays, but calls in to cancel because she’s decided to embrace it, Flip can cancel the subscription, do a save attempt with an offer to skip her next order instead – canceling the subscription or escalating her to an agent if she declines the save attempt , or let her know she can cancel by visiting a specific webpage and text her the link.

Additionally, we’ve also added the ability to escalate callers to an agent who decline the cancellation URL text, and can deflect to the cancellation URL text for those callers who have multiple subscriptions.

And for all of these scenarios, you can also set the window for when you’ll accept subscription modifications or cancellations. So if you only accept modifications 3 days or more before a subscription item is shipped and a caller calls to cancel a day before their order is set to go out, we’ll let the caller know it’s too late to make changes.

Because why shouldn’t a voicebot be able to handle subscription cancellations in an elegant way based on cancellation reason? And why shouldn’t it be an absolute breeze for your callers?

Kristina walks you through all of these updates, as well as a demo call, in this week’s release video, so check it out to see and hear it all in action.

Until next Thursday, friends!

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