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Vehicle Options, Reservation Callouts, and Big News En Route

It’s the merry month of May, y’all! And, our latest product updates—designed specifically for customers in transportation—are in full Flippin’ bloom.

Introducing the following Flip features: 

  • Vehicle Options in the Main Menu 
  • Reservation Callouts
  • Big Announcement Around the Corner  

Yes, that last one’s vague… can’t spill the beans just yet, but they can’t expect us to keep our mouths completely shut, now can they? 

Let’s get into some details!

Give ‘Em Options

Introducing the newest Flip feature for your main menu.

So many of you offer an assortment of vehicles in your fleet. Now, you can give your callers a specialized vehicle option—right there in the main menu—that allows them to choose a nonstandard type of vehicle. 

All without altering your main call flow. 

This means that only the callers who select this option will be given the vehicle type choices, while your main call flow will remain unaffected.

Hear it in action below.

Let Flip Handle Reservation Callouts

Next up, let’s talk reservations. We’re thrilled to announce that Reservation Callouts are now available on AutoFleet

This feature allows you to set up callouts for different types of bookings, reminding travelers about their reservations and confirming their ride.

During the call, travelers will be given options to either confirm, edit, or cancel their booking. Which means, you can go ahead and check that off your list – Flip’s got you covered.

The Next Generation of Flip for the Transport Industry

Your fleet deserves only the best. Our team has been busy building a product update designed to seriously level up the Voice AI game for transportation customers and the people they serve.

We’ll be sharing more of the juicy details at the PHTM Expo coming up on the 15th & 16th of May. So, if you’re attending, be sure to swing by stand 30 and ask us what the Flippin’ fuss is all about. 

And, not to worry, if we won’t have the pleasure of seeing you at PHTM, we’ll be sharing the news shortly after. 

Merry, merry month, indeed.

If you’d like to learn more about what Flip can do specifically for your fleet, let’s chat.

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