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4 Updates For Improved Caller Experience & Easier Implementation

Is that the rattle of ghostly chains? The jingle jangle of sleigh bells? Nope, just the phone ringing. Again. For those in eCommerce, the “most wonderful time of the year” is also the most challenging time of the year – with crazy call volume, and sky-high expectations all around. 

We’re talking peak season (hi, yes, we’re already in it), which is actually one of the best times of the year to implement Flip. And this week’s product updates make it that much easier to manage the hordes of holiday requests, with: 

  • 3 Options That Make Implementing Flip Even Easier 
  • Stealth Spanish Detection 
  • Intelligent Intent Classification – Based On Order/Subscriptions/Appointments
  • Order Identification Updates 

Time is money—and you’ve got a few (hundred) people asking where their order is as we speak—so let’s get into it!


First off, Flip is big on taking the spooky out of implementation – aka making it ridiculously easy to get started, and get to value. 

Many customers begin by utilizing what we call Listen Mode. Flip greets the callers, asks how we can help – then forwards the call to your agents or current IVR system. Essentially, we “listen in” to find out what your customers are calling about the most, and which calls take the longest for agents to resolve – gathering custom data (for $1 total btw) to know how—and how much—Flip can help your org. 

Adding to that, we now have another way to help you launch amid peak season – with even less disruption to your customers’ experience.

It’s what we call Hello Then Forward mode. When a customer calls, Flip will greet them, then immediately forward them to your current system—without asking any questions—while still recording the call. The goal here? We prep end users for the experience, without disrupting the normal flow if you have a voice-based IVR in place. And, with those recordings, we can manually classify the calls upon request.

Again – gathering data, but upping that ninja factor. 

And, for those who’ve already signed with us, there’s also a Rolled Ramp Up option. This is where we only launch a few specific intents—say WISMO, Returns, and Exchanges—and then we ramp up more. It’s all about one simple step at a time to give you the smoothest implementation possible.


Let’s talk about Español. Old-school IVRs don’t work well with languages outside of English, which means Spanish-speaking callers often get the short end of the stick. 

Also, that traditional “for Spanish, press 9” menu item lengthens every call in a way that can be frustrating. 

With Flip, your Spanish speaking customers simply say “Español”, and our AI detects the language. This speeds up getting that caller forwarded to a queue with one of your Spanish-speaking operators. 

I mean, If you want to get technical (yes, let’s), this quickens up the start of a call by an average of 3.5 seconds – which is fantastic in terms of engagement. 

It’s why some of our largest customers, like GNC, are big fans of this particular update. Because, gifting your customers (holiday or not) with time back is always a win, and we’re happy to help you do precisely that. 


‘Tis the season of WISMO! And, let’s be clear, WISMO is more than just orders. It’s subscriptions. It’s appointment information. 

Flip now prioritizes and can detect all 3: orders, subscriptions, and appointments. Because those—depending on your business type—are equally important to you. And, that makes them incredibly important to us. 

Picture this. Your customer calls, and Flip says, “I see you have an upcoming appointment.”  That customer has more buy-in from the very beginning (Hey, cool – they know why I’m calling!), which gives them more confidence in the continuing interaction.  

Flip can alter our handling, based on what your customers are calling about. And these extra options offer them a much nicer, personalized, start up call experience. 

Another example? You got it!

Say someone calls, references their subscription, and then says “Where is it?” Flip knows they’re referring to their subscription. We can confirm that with them, and—voilà—clearer, quicker communication. 

Which leads us to…


Flip is getting smarter, ya’ll. We now can even better identify the reason your customer is calling. That means saved time and a more pleasant experience overall (yee haw!)  

Say one of your customers calls about a missing order. We’re not going to pull up the info for their most recent order; we’re going to pull up their most recent delivered order. 

We’ve also improved how we’re able to collect an order number when we ask for it. Now, if someone calls in and they don’t have the automatic account match, we’ve added back in the option for them to enter it via key press . It’s something folks were missing, so we brought it on back. 

In addition, we’ve  improved our time-outs, meaning we’ve significantly slashed those “lack of response” rates on calls overall. This may not sound like much, but it makes a massive difference in the quality of experience for your customers. And that right there is reason to celebrate. 

That’s it for this week – a handful of fantastic Flip updates guaranteed to simplify your peak season. 

P.S.  It takes 30 minutes to implement Flip, which means you’ll start seeing results by EOD. Want to learn more? Let’s talk. 

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