23 July, 2024
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3 Voice AI Assists To Superpower Your Subscription Management

Welcome to Flip’s 4th round of weekly updates! This week is all about offering better options for your subscription customers, and for the awesome agents who help to keep them happy. 

Hadn’t heard that Flip could manage your subscriptions? Surprise! 🙂

Now, to intro our latest features:

  • Ship Subscription Now
  • Save Cancel With Discount Offer 
  • Subscriptions Queue


Your subscription customers obviously love your product. With our new Ship Subscription Now feature, Flip can offer to get that product to them sooner. 

A little groundwork: As you know, inside the subscription system lives the payment, the address, and the product that goes to your subscribers every month. And, because Flip is integrated with RechargeOrdergroove, and Stay.ai, we can actually process that order. So, it’s an easy jump to shipping it earlier. 

Here’s how it works. 

Your subscriber calls and wants their subscription order sooner. Because we automatically know what subscription they have, we can easily:

  • Move that ship date up
  • Adjust the delivery cadence, so that—going forward—the customer’s subscription order goes out one month (or, if the cadence is 3 months, 3 months – etc.) from the new date. 

Benefits here? Your customer gets their product sooner, without an agent having to lift a finger. You move more product more quickly, and your bottom line gets a boost. Everyone’s happy. Which is why Flip customers like GNC have been loving this feature. 

Next up… 


No brand loves when a loyal customer calls to cancel their subscription. And we know that, for many brands out there, a top priority (for agent metrics and for the org overall) is saving the situation – giving that customer a reason to stay. 

Now, to be clear – Flip can cancel subscriptions, absolutely. And, that can be extremely helpful. But, let’s be honest, wouldn’t you rather keep that subscriber by—say—offering a discount? Flip now automates this save attempt. Hear it in action.

With the discount offering, you can choose to do recurring or one-time – as well as set the percentage. Not only that, but you can actually track the usage in your subscription platform. 

If you’d like, you can even set the call to be forwarded to an agent – should Flip’s automated save attempt fail. (Hey, no-bot-y’s perfect… sorry, had to.) 

This feature was a direct request from Thesis, one of our wonderful customers (which btw is how so many of our updates come to be). And, it thrills us to no end to deliver what our customers need most. 

Which leads us to… 


This one’s big for prioritization. So, it’s no surprise that Bonafide, one of our larger customers, requested it be built.  

Say you have 100 agents, and—out of those—you have a list of 10 who are really spectacular at saving subscriptions. Flip now has the ability to single them out – and, every time a subscriptions intent is hit, we forward the call to those agents only. 

Of course, those agents can get other calls as well, but you can set the system to have subscription calls shoot to the top of their queue. 

Fun fact: This feature overlaps with our Save Opportunity queue – I.e. cancel subscriptions, return order, etc. You can choose to use one, both, or neither. 

Just one way Flip can help set your call center up for maximum success this peak season. 

And, there you have it. 3 common-sense subscription updates that pack a big, bold punch when it comes to customer experience, agent experience, and revenue generated. 
Any questions? (For real, we LOVE questions.) Feel free to schedule a quick demo here.

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