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4 Voice AI Fraud Prevention & Compliance Measures To Implement Ahead Of BFCM

Truth: Fraud Prevention & Compliance aren’t generally considered the sexiest of subjects. BUT, they do offer some serious peace of mind. 

It’s something we take seriously around here. Always have. Which is why this week’s product release is dedicated to sharing more about precisely what protection we offer. 

We’ll dive into a few features that are part of what has been our long-standing approach to these topics, in 2 categories:

Features That Protect Your Callers

  • Text Message Required Opt-In
  • Account Verification
  • Confirmation Of Order & Account 

Features That Protect You, Our Flip Customers

  • OAuth
  • Call Recording Disclaimer

Without further ado, let’s dive into some details. First up…


Trust is the foundation of any good relationship, and your customers—rightfully—want to know that their information is safe in your hands. Flip is happy to be able to help with that. 

Our Text Message Required Opt-In feature assures that we never send texts without explicitly asking your customer and getting their OK. 

Because—aside from being big fans of compliance—we also believe that, when it comes to sharing in this (or any) channel, your customers’ preference should be noted and protected.

Account Verification is also essential here. This starts before Flip even greets the caller – via 2 methods:  

  1. Through your company’s ticketing system (if you have one) 
  2. Through the OMS (Order Management System) – matching the caller’s customer information and order 

If you do have a ticketing system, Flip goes through and checks that. Then, if we find a match there, we’ll take other verifying information—like the caller’s email address—and put that through the OMS in order to bring up the correct order. 

In addition, Flip has a new optional update to the Account Verification Flow that you can turn on – which adds an extra layer of fraud prevention. 

A consumer calls about a certain intent that can have financial implications to their account. Flip can now require a verification of identity directly from that caller – with options like zip code, date of birth, name, phone number, and more. Which you turn on with the Flip of a switch.

Gotta’ love leveled-up protection. Which leads us to…

Confirmation of Order & Account 

Flip’s default order confirmation method is simple and safe: 

  • The caller’s phone number is our first method of order matching (if you have that information) 
  • We also discuss the order at the top of the call, OR use the order number itself to make sure we’re acting on the correct object. 

Let’s say your customer asks where their order is. Flip can respond with, “Are you calling about the order placed on November 1st containing one stainless steel turkey baster?”

In other words, we’ll use both the contents of the order and the date of the order to confirm that it’s a match. And, if Flip doesn’t have an order to suggest, we’ll ask the caller for the order number itself. 

Then, there’s this. Say a caller requests to cancel their subscription. Flip double-checks—repeating that information back and waiting for their response—before moving forward with the cancellation. 

From start to finish, and in each scenario, we’ve got your callers covered. 


Open Authentication—OAuth—as been around a while, and for good reason. It’s the most trusted method available. And, Flip is firm in following industry standards to protect all involved. 

Essentially, OAuth provides us one-click access to whatever your brand authenticates with,  starting with your helpdesk. Which safely gives us the permissions we need to integrate with your ticketing system.  

It’s part of our commitment both to you, our customers, and to our helpdesk partners that we’re a trusted source. 

You can also see our commitment to compliance in our call flow. If applicable in your region, you have the option to turn on our Call Recording Disclaimer.

Essentially, Flip adds, “This call may be recorded” to your initial greeting for all inbound and outbound calls. Which offers 2 simple but key benefits: 

  1. Customers are kept informed.
  2. There’s no room left for misinterpretation around your company’s compliance. 

And on an entirely different note (because, why not) here’s something fun in the works… 

Fip is committed to giving your brand options, which is why there are now so many configurations that exist in the product. But, a lot of great options are still… a lot.

Several Flip customers have asked about making it easier to find specific settings in the portal. And, you know we love to take action on customer feedback. 

Enter our Search Bar in the portal (huzzah!) Version #1 is up and running, and—while we’ll continue to fine-tune and tweak—we’re thrilled to be able to offer this option. 

There you have it. A healthy serving of Flip’s stance on protection and compliance – all designed to give you and your customers peace of mind.

Be sure to keep an eye out for new updates in next week’s product release. And, if you have any questions at all about how Flip would work for your brand, let’s talk.

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