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by | Nov 6, 2023 | Announcements, Perspectives

What happens when a global BPO leader and an energetic, Alexa-like VoiceAI startup combine to serve leading companies and Commerce/Retail brands? This strategic partnership between TTEC and Flip doesn’t seem obvious on the surface, but—in truth—it’s completely novel and super compelling. 

As TTEC SVP Amy McDonnell says, “TTEC and Flip are a powerful combination for any brand to take an easy step toward incorporating no-code Voice AI into their existing tech stack in hours and days – not months. Every high-growth startup to Fortune 500 Enterprise can get set for Peak season in 2023, not only 2024! We are thrilled with this human + AI combination to be the most integrated part of every Customer Service leader’s talent and technology stack.”

We couldn’t agree more!

People-centered support with AI-powered automation is resoundingly the way to consistent and delightful customer experience. Consumers demand reliable service 24-7 in their communication channel of choice. And the stats are clear:

  • 80% of consumers say phone is their preferred channel for customer support (Calabrio).
  • 81% want more self-service options (NICE), and 59% say they prefer self-serve support for simple questions.
  • Yet only 11% of brands are prioritizing making their self-serve options smarter. (Calabrio).

The current state of phone support is dismal, with subpar customer and agent experience. Calls are all manual, but people are too expensive – and you can never have enough of them. Compound that by how customer service is operationally complex, and there’s a real issue here, with: 

  • Customers constantly put on hold
  • Overflowing call volume
  • Too little budget. 

But, there’s a new way for brands to have infinite capacity with Voice Automation. 

The same way ChatGPT ushered in generative AI for consumers, Flip’s no-code, no-flow-building VoiceAI is ready for use in minutes. Delivered with TTEC’s award-winning human talent, companies and brands can confidently and effectively meet every customer, every call, every conversation, 24-7. Every call answered, 100% conversion rate.

It’s something Brian Schiff, CEO and Co-Founder of Flip, is passionate about. 

“Flip empowers eCommerce and Retail brands to turn on consumer-friendly, enterprise grade voice automation for customer service at the Flip of a switch,” says Brian. “Which TTEC customers can now enjoy. No need to settle for extended onboarding periods or lengthy implementation cycles.” 

Brands no longer need to hide their phone number from their customers, or suspend phone support for fear of high costs. Voice becomes a channel for growth and creating unique brand experiences. 

You can officially say goodbye to the high cost of fielding every service call with a human agent, long wait times, frustrated customers, and abandoned calls. And, say hello to satisfied customers and growing a beloved brand.

”We’re stoked to allow brands access to innovation in a way that directly enhances the customer experience and can drive revenues for brands,” says James Bednar, Vice President of Product Management, Strategic Transformation, and Innovation Accelerator at TTEC. “Freeing up CX associates to focus on high value interaction and actions that maximize business impact.” 

We’re confident this new partnership will deliver extraordinary results for brands. Results that match—and surpass—what Michael Vroom, Senior Director of Customer Service at UNTUCKit experienced. 

“Within a week after our first demo, Flip AI was successfully automating 10% of our call volume during Black Friday, and 35% within 2 weeks. Their no cost, rapid implementation eliminated all of the upfront risk. Now, we’re using their service to handle a variety of call types, and they only charge for interactions completed without human assistance. It’s simply amazing. We tried to give another vendor a chance, but—by the time they were ready to start implementing—Flip had already handled thousands of calls with no negative impact to CSAT.” 

Here’s to the kind of partnership that propels brands like yours into a new era of CX.

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