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Context-Aware Conversations, Powered By Flip CX

There’s power in personalization. Here at Flip CX, we’ve got some great new product updates that will help you better offer it in your customer service experience. Let’s get started. 

Back in 2010 (eons ago), marketers realized the impact and potential of personalization. It started with email automation and the famous “Hi {FirstName},” and has since blossomed into rich and deeply personalized experiences – all powered by integrations and happening at scale via automation. Regardless of channel—email, SMS, etc.—personalization is the key to a great customer experience and positive ROI.

But where are we at when it comes to personalizing inbound interactions, like the ones your customers care about most? When they have a problem or a question and actually seek your brand out, when they call your support line, where do they find themselves? The standard there has been stuck in “Hi {FirstName},” territory.

Not anymore. 

In partnership with the leading eCommerce and Helpdesk Platforms, Flip CX now provides every customer who calls your brand a deeply personalized experience.

The following data is considered:

  • Loyalty Journey: Are we talking to a first time customer or lifelong fan?
  • Purchase Journey: Are they mid-purchase or post-purchase?
  • Contact Journey: Are they reaching out for the first time or following up?

For the following use cases today:

  • Deeper personalization of greeting
  • Automation —> Agent Handoff
  • Context-Aware Analytics

Deeper Personalized Greeting

We’re going beyond greeting the caller by name. We take “Hi {FirstName}, thanks for calling FlipSwag, how can I help you?” and customize the experience based on who the caller is and where they are in their journey with your brand. “Hi {FirstName}, thanks for being a loyal FlipSwag customer. I see you’re calling back, is it about the order you placed last week?”

Hi James, thanks for being a longtime loyal FlipSwag customer!
I see you’re following up, is it about the order you placed on November 11th?
Yes, why thank you, that’s the one! I’m curious when it will arrive?
The delivery has been delayed, I apologize for that — currently your package is in the warehouse, FedEx says it is scheduled to arrive on Friday. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Ok, no, that’s perfect, thank you!
You’re welcome, have a flippin’ awesome day!

This requires matching the caller to their account in your OMS, which is done via caller ID match or several other methods. We just released matching via Name + Zip Code, which has boosted account match rate by 10%.

Flip CX —> Agent Handoff

Data and segmentation are used for more than just a personalized greeting. For example, It can be used in your call routing to agents, allowing you to easily set up devoted queues for loyalty customers and for customers currently making a purchase.

Agent routing through Flip CX

For example if you use Aircall (shoutout to our #1 phone partner), you can route loyalty customers to your best agents, most prepared to handle more complex issues. From end-to-end you can give the absolute best experience you can to the customers you care the most about.

Context-Aware Analytics

Our analytics are now also Context-Aware, which means you as a leader can see which customers call and where they are in their journey. Combined with existing insights into call volume, automation levels, and intent trends, we are continuing to expand your visibility into your voice conversations.

All of this is now live and in production for existing Flip CX customers. (Huge shoutout to GNC for beta testing much of this functionality dating back to the summer!) 

In the “LTV Era,” we at Flip CX believe Voice is the next must-have channel. Our voice automation platform is used by DTC leaders and enterprise innovators to give their callers an experience they love, while—at the same time—driving outcomes for the brand and reducing customer service costs.

Fulfilling that vision requires deep product integration with the rest of your stack, backed by the 80+ integration partners in our marketplace today. And we, like the rest of you, believe in the magic of personalized communication.

Stop hiding from your customers. Stop with the rickety IVR and direct-to-voicemail dead-ends. Tap into Voice as a value channel, and watch your customers crave the conversation.

Hit us up if you have any questions.