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The No BS Guide To Automating Your Call Center During Peak Season

by | Nov 17, 2022 | Promotions, Perspectives

Ok, I know, I know… Adding something new to your tech stack before Black Friday/Cyber Monday is a preposterous idea, right? Certainly even more ridiculous than sending you to a long-ass blog post during the busiest time of the year. 

But hear me out, promise it’ll be worth it.

What if I told you we here at Flip could automate up to 40% of your calls and get you up and running within just a day (or a week for you big giant enterprise companies)? Not 6 months. Literally just a day (or a week if you’re as big as Gap).

What if I could also guarantee that if we don’t, you get Flip for free through the end of January*?

And what if I told you that,  beyond that guarantee, you can try us for FREE for 14 days? That gives you time to test us out in a sandbox with zero risk. Heck, you can even A/B test us during that time if you want.

Seriously. We’re already integrated with your OMS, your helpdesk, and all your other systems, which makes getting up and running an absolute breeze. Don’t believe me? Get on a call with us and we’ll get you up and running with your first intent within a half hour**.

Automation of those pesky routine calls + implementation in a single day or it’s free throughout all of peak season + free 14-day trial which means if you sign up right now, you won’t pay for a single automated call during BFCM. 


What’s more, there’s zero implementation fee. And you only pay for the calls we successfully complete – if we have to send a caller to one of your agents, you won’t be charged.

For a brand that gets just 5,000 calls per month, Flip will save that brand $288,000 per year***.

I’m sure you’re probably reading this thinking this sounds too good to be true. It’s a flippin’ Christmas miracle, which means it must be BS, right? Need some social proof? Good, watch this video.

So just to recap: you can automate 40% of your support calls within a day (or, again, a week if you’re a massive brand) or you get Flip for FREE through the end of January. And either way, you get Flip for free for your first 14 days.

It’s November 17. There is still time. Let’s get you automating.

*One tiny T&C: We can only do this with your cooperation. If you’re ready, we’re ready. If you give us what we need, you’ll be up and running within the specified time. 

**This assumes that you’re able to give us your Shopify keys (or the equivalent for whatever OMS you’re using) on the call.

***Flip is $1.50 per call. This assumes a current cost per call of $5.00 and 40% automation. Want to see how much your brand could save? Click here for the calculator.

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