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Let’s Talk Delivered Items Issues, Subscriptions, & More

Alrighty, let’s take a look at that Peak Season Checklist: 

  1. Crazy amount of orders placed – check. (And wahoo!) 
  2. Orders rapidly being fulfilled – check. 
  3. Ton of deliveries already made – check. 

Next item up? Deal with issues around delivered items (wah wah). 

Breathe easy. Flip’s got you covered, with some brand spankin’ new updates to help in precisely this area. 

There are also some kickass new features to help manage subscriptions – all featured in this here release. 

It’s like Santa came early. Kinda. 

Let the unwrapping begin! 


Choose Resolution Type: If there’s a legit problem with an item delivered to your customer, of course you want it remedied ASAP – and in a way that suits your brand and business process. With our new Choose Resolution Type feature, you pick the method that works best for you from the following: 

  • Refund
  • Reship
  • Return
  • Reship or Return
  • Reship or Refund
  • Refund or Return 

Because why the Flip shouldn’t you have specific, accurate resolution type options in an easy drop-down menu? 

Items Incorrect – Resolve Via MMS: In addition to using MMS to confirm and resolve damaged item issues, Flip now has the capability to request additional info from the caller to resolve incorrect items via MMS as well. 

For example… 

A customer ordered a Christmas sweater, but they say they received a summer dress in the mail instead. Your inventory and PO says that a Christmas sweater was sent, so you ask the customer for a photo of both the item and the tag. 

Aha! Issue discovered: One of your summer dresses has the wrong tag. Now you can let the warehouse know to make sure no other customers get the wrong item. And, you have the information you need to safely resolve it. 

More clarity + easier resolution = Fa la la la Flip, fa la la yeah. 

Few More Goodies To Point Out: For Items Incorrect, you have options to (as said above) utilize MMS, but also to set up Deflections.  

On top of that, you can set the SLA window so that Flip can tell your customers when they can expect to hear from you. Perfect for those customers who are super eager for a follow up! 

And the Flip portal provides assistance with: 

  • Items Incorrect
  • Report Damage
  • Items Missing 
  • Delivery Missing 

In other words, when it comes to assisting with delivered items issues, Flip’s on it.  


Prepaid Subscription Compatibility: For this new feature, we have our friend Kelsey Nash over at Elysium Health (awesome Flip customer) to thank. 

Elysium is a subscription brand that has customers pay up front for a year, instead of the more traditional monthly subscription. And that’s a horse of a different color in terms of business model and the correlating operations around it. 

We’ve made Flip compatible with that strategy. 

Now when a customer calls in to cancel a subscription, Flip knows if they’re on a prepaid account or month-to-month. If it’s the former, we’ll let the caller know they’ll be receiving the remainder of the items in the window they’ve already paid for – then cancel all further deliveries beyond that point. 

Clear. Easy. One less item on your agents’ list. 

Subscription Modification Window: Here’s a fun, familiar story: Your customer calls in to cancel their subscription. But, this month’s box is already being fulfilled… next stop: that customer’s doorstep. 

Which means you have a frustrated call coming your way. Oi vey. 

Flip’s previous handling in this scenario would let the caller know that, if they had a processing order, it would still be shipped. But, with our new Subscription Modification Window feature, we have the ability to handle this even more elegantly – based on your company’s specific policies. 

Let’s say your business has a policy that, if a customer cancels their subscription but the next item is set to go out in 2 days, that item has already begun its fulfillment process and will still be delivered. 

In our Flip script, we’ll clearly communicate that custom information to the caller – while letting them know they’ll receive the already-processed order and that all following orders will be canceled. 

Setting clear expectations = far fewer WTF calls.  

Skio Subscription Integration: We’re thrilled to now officially be integrated with Skio! With this, we can perform all the same subscription actions that we do for other subscription integrations, including: 

  • Check Subscription Status
  • Skip Next Order
  • Ship Subscription Now
  • Cancel Subscription
  • And more

Another one of the very best integration options – now available for your brand. 

That’s it for now, friends. Look for more helpful updates in next week’s release. And, if you’d like to learn more about what Flip can do for your brand this holiday season (and all year round), let’s chat.

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