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Updates To Turn Your Phone Channel Into A Revenue Driver? Yep.

It’s that time again… Folks are putting out predictions for the year ahead, and who are we to buck tradition? So, here’s our prediction: Flip and your sales are about to become BFFs. 

Say more? Well, ok then. 

You already know that Flip’s automation helps brands deliver awesome customer experiences – while streamlining and simplifying processes for agents. And, when it comes to contact center costs, our automation certainly helps save time and money. 

What you may NOT know is that we’re also a revenue driver, and a couple of our recent updates were created with precisely that focus in mind. 

(Pssst, there’s a whole lot more where those came from, landing very soon… Did I just say that out loud?)

This week’s Flip updates include: 

  • High Value Sales 
  • NOAH For Sales Calls Only 
  • Report Unauthorized Order 
  • Classifier Updates 
  • Global Strategy Compatibility 
  • Custom Welcome Message on SMS 
  • OAuth Updates 

Let’s get you some details! 


This time of year, when call volume skyrockets and not every agent is an expert per se (fractional reps, junior ones, etc), the risk of massive sales leak is real. 

That’s part of the reason we have our Queues feature – where certain calls can be forwarded to specific agents, based on all the rich data Flip has access to.

But, not all sales are the same. Enter the first Flip update on this week’s list… 

High Value Sales

With Flip, a brand now has the ability to put in a simple yes or no question—of their choosing— that helps to discern if it’s a high value call. 

Example: “Are you looking at our next mega ultra sneakers?”

If the answer is yes, we escalate those calls right away to a top sales rep. If the answer is no, we’ll handle those calls differently—ly – ticket, voicemail, whatever the brand deems best— – but automating instead of escalating. 

Because, while every call matters, prioritizing higher value sales calls assures that your top agents are being utilized where they can add the most value. 

NOAH For Sales Calls Only

Let’s say you’re a brand that—during No Operator Available Hours (NOAH)—does not normally want to receive voicemails. BUT, you’d love it if Flip could address new purchase calls. 

We now have the ability to let only those calls through. 


  • Call comes in. 
  • Flip asks the customer what they’re calling about.
  • If they say they’re calling to make a purchase, Flip will move forward and create a ticket for that call. 
  • Calls of every other intent will be directed to call back during business hours. 

Again, it’s about helping your brand with ideal prioritization, and driving maximum revenue. 


Report Unauthorized Order

If your customer calls in, and they believe they have an unauthorized order, Flip can send them a link to get started on the investigation. We’ve been categorizing this intent for a long time, but now have the handling easily available right there in the portal.

Cancel Subscription Via Ticket

Let’s say your brand isn’t integrated with one of our subscription partners, but you do cancellations through a flow on your helpdesk. Flip can lend a hand. We’re now able to send a ticket to the helpdesk agent to process the flow manually.

Suggest Return Or Change And Cancel

This one addresses when a customer calls in to cancel an order, but the window to cancel is closed. Flip can communicate that info, then ask if they’d like to start a return instead – speeding up the process (and cutting back on frustration) for the caller. 


Classifier Updates

We’re constantly working to improve our AI based on the latest data coming in. Part of that includes regularly taking inventory of all the things callers have said that Flip has NOT understood, and then retraining our models to correct that. 

For example, for some Flip customers, we’ve made updates to better understand and classify prescription calls.

Because improving how our AI is able to help our customers is (and always will be) a massive priority at Flip. 

Global Strategy Compatibility

Flip already serves customers globally – that’s not new. But, we’ve recently made updates that better support SMS for companies that have different strategies and business processes domestically and internationally. 

Take returns, for example – which can have a very different policy and workflow for a brand’s domestic customers vs. for their international customers. We’ve expanded our SMS capabilities to support those different processes.

Custom Welcome Message on SMS

Here’s a fun one. Flip was already sending SMSs that are personalized to both the customer (with their own tracking URL, etc.) and to the brand (I.e. Hey! This is Flip)…

Now, we have the added ability to put a branded message in the header of the SMS—something specific to your brand’s voice—and then go on to deliver the rest of the info. Which means your valued customers receive texts that are even more personalized… Small detail, big impression. 

OAuth Updates

Here’s a bit of jolly news to round things out: In addition to having OAuth for Gorgias and  Zendesk, we’re thrilled to have added both Kustomer and Help Scout to the OAuth list as well. 

That’s a wrap on this week’s release. More helpful updates landing next Thursday. And, if you’d like to learn more about what Flip can do for your brand this holiday season (and all year round), let’s chat.

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