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March Product Release: Your Brand, Your Voice

Flip Voice 

Our goal is to build the world’s best voice assistant for retail & eCommerce, pre-built with all of the 200+ most common reasons people call and 60+ integrations required to resolve those calls as your agents do.  

At the same time, the ability to customize Flip to match your specific brand is key. This is where our configurations come in — allowing you to control the two core things for your CX strategy: 

Business process — What intents are being automated? How? What queues are different callers being sent to in order to reach the ideal agent for them / their situation? 

Brand preference — How do you like to speak to your customers? Specific verbiage etc,

And now, the voice itself…

At our Big Flippin’ Reveal last Fall, we revealed a new main voice—as well as a second voice—we had begun experimenting with. 

Today we release three new voice options, giving us four total. Give them a listen…





Our belief, and our data shows, that callers respond best to a voice that is high quality and clear – while not so much so that it’s indistinguishable from a human. There is no reason to confuse the caller. Ultimately, it’s a robot, but a flippin’ good one. A tool customers can use to quickly engage and solve problems with their favorite brand. 

As with all Flip configurations, it’s a simple setting in our portal. Check it out here:

The Flip admin settings showing the option to change the style of the voice

Start of Call Engagement / The ‘IVR Reputation Problem’ 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever spoken to a horrible robot when calling customer service? 

*Imagining all hands raised… or at least a little head nod* 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever slammed buttons repeatedly or said “representative” 5 times in a row to get past it? 

*Imagining you’re all still with me…* 

Well this, friends, is what we internally call “The IVR Reputation Problem.” 

People are so used to those horrible, old, useless robots (The ‘IVRs’). That means it’s our job, at the very start of the conversation, to make clear to the caller that Flip is different. That modern Voice Automation is different. 

To do this we fall back on our product north stars — Flip should be smart, helpful, and fun. Being smart is being able to understand what the caller is saying and what they mean. Being helpful is being able to actually solve problems. And being fun is, well, finding moments to inject humor and wit and life into the conversation. 


Over the past several months, we’ve been iterating and iterating and iterating. 

Today: 3.5% of callers try to skip Flip in favor of a representative, either via asking for a rep (2.5%) or spamming zero (<1%). 

IVRs are typically 15%, 20%, or higher. 

Flip 90 days ago was at 10%. 

This is a huge win for us, our team, and of course—most importantly—your brand and your customers 👏

IVRs are the bane of the customer experience, literally the part of engaging a brand that customers hate most. For our customers, it’s now clear that they offer more. That they care more. 

Resolve Intent via Voicemail 

There are four core ways Flip can solve problems: 

  • Resolve — The gold standard. Actually solve the problem the way the agent would. Often requires sharing information from backend systems or taking action in them. Hence our 60+ integrations & growing…
  • Deflect — Instruct the caller on where they can go to solve their problem. This could be a website URL, email they received, etc. And hope they can self-serve from there. 
  • Escalate — Immediately pass through to an operator. Best used in conjunction with our advanced routing to give the most important calls VIP treatment. 
  • Take Voicemail — Collect a voicemail recording, transcribe it, and open a helpdesk ticket with all the deets for your team. This has previously been reserved for After Hours Handling, but can now be used on an intent-specific basis. 

After Hours, or “NOAH” voicemail transcriptions + helpdesk integration – which you can check out on our product page. These have been some our most popular features since launch 18 months ago. 

Now this functionality is expanded. The most common intent use case we’ve seen in beta testing is for handling of “general complaint” calls. 

But we’re thrilled to see how and where our customers will use this resolution method to strategically advance their customer experience.

If you’ve made it to the end, appreciate ya, and stay tuned for more next month! 


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