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Quick Automation For Charge Query & Prescription Calls

We happen to think that customer calls of ALL kinds should have Flip’s support. Which is why we’re jazzed to bring you this week’s release. 

Up until now, callers with questions around charges or prescriptions were immediately escalated to an agent. We didn’t love that… So, we changed it. 

Flip is now in on the action with: 

  • Charge Query Handling
  • Prescription Handling  

Skip The Charge Query Queues

Questions about charges make up a hefty amount of calls coming in for most brands. Flip now has the ability to help with those calls in 2 ways. 

First, we can now resolve these queries with Resolve via Ticket, which means:

  1. The caller is forwarded to Flip’s voicemail to collect all necessary info 
  2. A helpdesk ticket is created with the info for the agent to resolve it.
  3. The query is resolved, without any agent conversation needed.

Second, we can also deflect these calls with SMS, which means:

  1. If there’s a place on the brand’s website for customers to self-serve these issues, Flip can offer to send the caller a text with that link. 
  2. There’s no need to involve an agent.  

What it all comes down to: faster, easier, automated.

Support For Managing Prescriptions 

Now this is big – Flip can handle prescription calls.

To be crystal clear, it’s an area that needs to be handled with extra care. Which is why, until now, callers with prescriptions inquiries have been immediately escalated to an agent.

We now have a way to step in and help lend support by offering to deflect these calls via SMS. Here’s how that plays out. 

When the caller asks about their prescription, Flip can:

  • Let the caller know that questions about a prescription need to be directed to a provider, then… 
  • Offer to text instructions on how to get in contact with the provider and/or other helpful information. 

The impact this update is making for some of our customers already is pretty awesome, and we’re Flippin’ thrilled about that. 

Making Good Things Even Better

While we’re on the subject, let’s go ahead and lay out a list of other Flip intents that have expanded capabilities to include resolve via helpdesk ticket and/or SMS. 

Resolve via Ticket, a new handling method from the second half of last year, has been expanded to the following intents:: 

And here’s where we can Deflect via SMS: 

  • New orders – We can let the caller know they need to create an account and offer to send a link. 
  • Incorrect items or Damaged items – We can offer to resolve via MMS, trading texts with info + images that are necessary to resolve the issue. 
  • Update Shipping Address – We can offer to send a text with info for how to update the address. 

That’s a wrap on this release! More helpful updates in the works, so keep an eye out for those next week. And, if you’d like to learn more about what else Flip can do for your brand, let’s chat.