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Easier Returns + TLC For Your VIP Customers

POV: You’re 3 weeks into 2024, and—while your brand’s goals for the new year are well underway—returns inquiries from last year’s holiday sales are still coming in hot. 

Flip’s updates this week are dedicated to helping you make those returns easier, AND to offering a little VIP treatment to your most loyal customers, with the following: 

  • Return Status Handling
  • Loyalty Based Handling

Time, it flies. So, let’s get into it! 

More Help With Returns 

We don’t have to tell you – dealing with returns can be a pain in the arse. Which is why, over the past several months, Flip has released a lot of updates designed to make returns easier for ALL involved. 

Among these are a plethora of helpful options to start the return, such as: 

  • Different handling, based on whether your caller is inside or outside the return window (or if no order is determined/confirmed).
  • Native integrations with all major returns providers – including Loop, Happy Returns, and Narvar
  • Deflect, by giving instructions on where to begin + texting a deeplink. 
  • Resolve via ticket
  • If outside of the window, Flip lets the caller know and apologizes.

We’ve also released features that: 

  • Help convert a return to an exchange.
  • Share your policy and specific status from your OMS or returns platform.
  • Have Flip identify orders that fit specific criteria of any special holiday returns offers your brand has in place – and respond accordingly.
  • And more 

Which brings us to this week’s addition: Return Status Handling. 

Say a customer calls in about a return. Flip will check the status, and:

  • If the order is determined and has been refunded, we’ll let the caller know. We’ll also offer to send a text with that return information. 
  • If the order is NOT determined or accepted, Flip can let the caller know via text how to get more information on their return. 

One more way to get the correct info to your caller as quickly and easily as possible – without needing to involve an agent.

TLC For Your VIP Customers 

While we’re making things more efficient for callers, let’s go ahead and talk about the latest way Flip can help you reward your most loyal customers. It’s called Loyalty Based Handling

Flip has long collected data around callers + orders (check out some of our recent AI analytics updates here). Which makes Loyalty Based Handling an easy next step.  

Flip takes that data, and looks at the amount of orders a caller has placed to determine if they can be considered loyal. Then, when one such customer calls in to place an order, their call is immediately escalated to an agent.

It’s automation meets the human touch – a little something extra for your brand’s biggest fans. And it’s the kind of small detail that can make a big difference. 

More exciting things in the works (always!), so be sure to check out next week’s release – same time, same place. And, if you’d like to learn more about how Flip can work specifically for your brand, let’s chat.