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The Next Generation of Flip for Transportation: Conversational Calls

It’s official… Flip for Transportation has gone Conversational!

Our team has been busy, busy developing this latest update, specifically designed for the Transportation Industry. And, we couldn’t be more thrilled to finally have it out in the world. 

​​What is Conversational Calls all about?

Essentially, we’ve eliminated the need for button pressing with more advanced AI that lets your callers just Flippin’ talk to resolve every common call type: 

  • Schedule Ride
  • Wait Time
  • Cancel Ride
  • Price Quote
  • Look up existing ride
  • And so much more 

Additionally—as callers often need to cover more than one question—we’ve built this feature to easily switch back and forth between intents. 

In beta now, we’ve already started seeing fantastic results. And, we can’t wait to witness the difference this will continue to make for our customers – present and future. 

Want to Hear Conversational Calls in action?

Check out the videos below to hear Flip Conversational resolve 3 common call types…

Pre Book a Ride:
Assist Caller Who Switches Intent Mid-Booking:
Connect Caller to Driver:

Curious about 1st Impressions from Flip Customers?

Then, this one’s for you…

Your fleet deserves only the best. This Conversational Calls feature is purpose built to level up Voice AI for transportation customers and the people they serve.

If you’d like to learn more about what Flip can do specifically for your business, let’s chat.

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