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How Flip Drives Sales & Retention With These 2 New Features

What a week it has been! But, friends, we’ve made it to Thursday. Huzzah. 

Now take a deep breath, and get ready for two super exciting new updates.

The first? Well, we’ve built a new deflection for callers looking to order by phone. You now have the option for Flip to tell callers looking to place an order that it’s easier to order online, and give them a special discount code along with that direction.

Flip will tell them about the discount code—or promotional link, your choice—and offer to text them with the code and a link to your site.

The second new feature is also discount related.

You can now set Flip up to let callers know that you’re having a sale right at the top of each call. Not only that, but we’ll also text the caller with a link to exactly where you want them to go to take advantage of your sale.

Kristina covers it all in the video below, walking you through the set up process for both new features and showing off a demo call so you can hear both in action.

We’re doing things a little differently next week. Instead of our typical release, we’ll be doing a LinkedIn Live with Caroline Nolan from Brooklinen, and Nancy Gurd from Caraway Home where they’ll talk all about how they are using Flip and the impact it has made.

You won’t want to miss it. Register here.

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