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3 Voice Automation Secret Weapons To Save Your Support Team This BFCM

Your spine-chilling sugar rush is wearing off, and you know what that means… Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost here.

Are you ready? 

Flip’s product release this week can help get you there. With updates like: 

  • WISMO for all (Multi-fulfill, Buy Online, Pickup In Store + Same-Day Delivery)
  • Configurable SLA Added To Resolve Via Ticket
  • Specific Person Queues 

There’s literally no time to lose, so let’s get to it! 


‘Tis the season where shoppers place multiple (we’re talkin’ a LOT of) orders. Initially, if orders had the same delivery date, Flip would only read out the first fulfillment on a call. But, your customers deserve detailed info that leaves no room for misinterpretation. 

With our new multi-fulfill feature, when there are multiple packages, Flip communicates everything in the status. More clarity for callers means fewer questions for agents. Peak season wins all around. 

Not only that, but—just in time for this season’s hectic call volume—we can now offer multiple delivery (and returns) options, according to a brand’s preferred process. Options like: 

  • Buy Online, Pickup In Store 
  • Same-Day Delivery 
  • Return In Store 
  • Store Locations Intent  

You know what works best for your process. Want to push the boundaries on how you get items to your customers? Flip is so on board! We’ll make sure your callers receive every bit of applicable WISMO info—and give you the detailed options you need—to make it happen.


If you’ve seen recent updates, you know we released our Resolve Via Ticket intent handling method  a couple of weeks ago. It’s doing amazing things for Flip customers (wahoo!), so we’ve now built it out further. 

Today, we’re introducing even more intents AND the capability to add the SLA to a ticket. 

Let’s start with the latter. 

Flip’s ability to add the SLA to a ticket means you get to choose—and communicate—a custom time window in which an agent will resolve the caller’s request. 

For example, you might want to say: you’ll receive cancellation confirmation in the next 24 hours… OR… the next 2 days… OR… the next 4 days… sky’s the limit. Because you should be able to set an expectation for your customers that aligns with your brand. 

Now, getting back to those extra intents we’ve added for Resolve Via Ticket, here’s a quick refresher on how our Voice AI helps.

Flip has the entire conversation with a caller, but—in order to close out the request—an action needs to be taken in a system that perhaps we’re not integrated with or don’t have the permission to change. 

For example, let’s say your brand uses a custom OMS and a customer calls to cancel their order. No problem! Flip will: 

  1. Have the conversation with your caller
  2. Let the caller know we’ve got the information, and that they will receive confirmation when it’s done in (fill in your preferred SLA window)
  3. Create a task for the agent – who can then see it and execute the cancel in your OMS. 

Ta da! Done. Great customer experience, and one less call your agents need to handle.

On top of that, Flip now offers Resolve via Ticket for 2 new intents: 

  • Start Return – which saves your agents from haggling with well-meaning callers hoping to “bend” the return policy
  • Items Missing – which gives your agent the time they need to investigate said missing items, something not easily done while on the call. 

These updates are yielding some incredible results already, with beta customers seeing 80%+ automation on calls being handled with Resolve via Ticket. It’s a super simple way for any brand to experience massive, immediate benefits from AI. 

So flippin’ excited to be able to help you deliver the kind of experience your customers expect, and the seamless process your agents deserve. 


We take our customers’ feedback seriously (understatement). 

It’s the primary catalyst for most of these weekly updates, and this next one came about thanks to Michael Ludwig, Director of Customer Service at HexClad Cookware and beloved Flip customer. 

Michael wanted callers to be able to request (and be sent to) a specific agent – i.e. directly to him. Thus, the Specific Person Queue was born, and all Flip customers can now benefit. 

Letting your customers specifically request “Jack” or “Jill” (hard workers, both) adds to that more personalized experience your customers crave. 

We’ll call that good for this week and let you get back to, ya’ know, this whole peak season thing. 

Keep an eye out for next week’s release. And—as always—if you’re the slightest bit curious about how Flip can help your brand conquer this crazy time of year (and beyond), let’s talk

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