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We Did It! Here’s What Was Announced At Our Big Flippin’ Reveal

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Announcements

We promised excitement, so that’s exactly what we brought. 

Entertaining videos, comedians, and the roasting of our leaders. We even had a whole bunch of sponsors help promote this thing. We announced a category, a new name, a new brand, and introduced you to our Flip CX AI.


Voice is a new category for business. 

Far too often, brands hide their phone numbers. That’s BS. It just means you’re hiding from your customers, but you don’t have to any longer.

As people, we build relationships through talking, right? What’s more true now than ever is our ability to connect at a deeper level with other humans through conversation. Voice adds another layer of trust – a factor that we aim to bring to the automation side of the customer experience.

Think about it. You experience a lot of amazing Voice tech everyday. You ask Alexa to play music or to order ramen in bulk. You ask Siri to text your family that you’re running late to dinner. You tell Google to turn the lights on at home. Now imagine that same kind of Voice tech but built to help your customers Crave the Conversation with your brand.

At the event, we talked about our vision for how we think this can help amplify your brand touches and even provide much needed feedback to your organization for future wow moments with a customer.

So take Voice as a category and activate it as a channel for your business – bringing automation at scale to your customer experience.


Our product was present throughout the livestream and you may not have even known it. It joked with our CEO and made fun of our leaders. 

We want our product to help take your brand to the next level. Which means the product should be fun, engaging, and exciting to interact with. Customers should leave their interaction with Flip CX and your brand saying, “That was fun.”

We showed off several examples, but if you missed it – check ‘em out here:

Ultimately, without a product that delivers, all this is for naught. Our product not only amplifies the work your brand is already doing, but it helps create the experience your customers want to have when they call a phone number. Short, sweet, and productive. 

Big shout out to our whole R&D team led by Jacob CooperJess DoucetMartin Lindholm, and Eugene Bann.


From our humble beginnings, we’ve pitched how important the ecosystem is to what we do. So, we built a marketplace around it.

We’ve got more than 75 partners listed in our marketplace for customers and future customers to see the other platforms we’re already connected with – partners we work with on the daily for integrations, thought leadership, and then some.

Here’s the truth, this marketplace and our partnership ecosystem will develop into a community like no other and we are stoked about it. And our customers and partners will get to be the first to experience it. 

Big shout out to Shawn Li for leading this! Want to be listed as a partner? Shawn is the guy you want to talk to.


We have a rich history with our brand. One that started with the deep red of Cornell University and the route with our roots in transportation coming together in the name RedRoute.

One thing is for certain: our brand from the beginning has always produced high-quality value to our customers. But as we’ve moved into new verticals, we’ve seen and felt a need for a name change – and with that comes a new brand.

So welcome to Flip CX! At the event, we showed off the logo and its animation, teased the new website (which you’re on now!), new branded earcons, and so much more. 

Our new brand represents the emotions we want you to feel when you think about us. Exciting, energetic, unconventional, and fun. Every part of our brand is meant to exude these feelings. Which is why with our new brand comes new beginnings, and a vision to have every interaction we have be part of how we amplify your experience with us. We want to be unforgettable and we think we’re on our way with this new brand.

This new brand starts with the aforementioned logo – a logo that begins with an audio wave that represents the word “Flip.” Speaking of audio – we’ve also got a new brand sound. You’ll also see a vibrant new color palette that exemplifies our new energy. This palette also provides a high level of accessibility, which we believe should be core to our brand.

Our language—which you’ll experience as you roam around the rest of this site—has changed as well. We now have spunky copy and messaging because, well, we’re sick of the stuffy corporate speak

You’ll also experience our new brand in our product with a Voice that exudes the same energy you’ll feel from our new look and feel.

As part of the event, we also introduced our new swag store. 

Big shout out to Kristina KeeneDillon JohnsonSummer Naomi Interior, and Katie Casady for the branding and messaging.

At the end of all of the announcements, we had a lively Q&A session with our executive leadership team (confession, we’re writing this ahead of the BFR, but we’re betting this Q&A was a solid one). Check out the Q&A—and the rest of the event—in the video below.

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