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The Capacity Problem – Why delivering good customer service is so hard

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Perspectives

Everybody has felt the pain of bad customer service. You have a simple request, like finding out when your package will arrive or canceling your appointment, and it somehow is so hard to complete. Maybe you sat on hold or spoke to somebody that was unhelpful or couldn’t even contact them when & how you wanted to. You paid them money, and now you need them, and they’re not there for you.

Providing good quick answers to these simple questions seems like it should be easy, but it’s not.

For the person in charge of the customer service team, or contact center, or CX, it can be a seemingly impossible puzzle. Here is why…

There is not nearly enough staff for the amount of customer requests brands receive. 

With 2x the staff, or budget generally, well-trained agents would be available when and where you want them to quickly resolve your request. But companies can’t afford to double their already significant customer service budget. So this is the picture that emerges:

Flip CX Representatives

Caught between a rock and a hard place, sacrifices get made that derail the customer experience:

  • Reduced channels (no number to call)
  • Reduced hours of operation (unavailable nights & weekends)
  • Reduced quality (pay, training, tech, etc)

What if there was a way to double staff without doubling the budget? Now, there is:

Automated bots can provide immediate resolution to roughly half of requests at a fraction of the cost. Your staff is then free to handle the other half. Customers get quick quality service, and brands stay within budget. Metrics skyrocket. Teams are happier and more skilled. Everybody wins.

Solve your capacity problem, solve your customer service problem.

Flip delivers 40% automation of the hardest but most beloved channel, the phones. Turn on your 1-month free trial in 30 minutes. Join breakthrough brands like UNTUCKit, Brooklinen, Pair Eyewear and GNC.

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