23 July, 2024
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Introducing Flip CX’s AI CSAT & Revenue Analytics

We are in the business of Flipping CX.

If you’re here, you know we’re all about Voice and making the phone channel not only more efficient, but also into a revenue generator instead of a cost center.

Today, we’re announcing a big step in that direction with the launch of our new AI CSAT & Revenue Analytics – giving brands the data they need to grow with Voice. 

AI CSAT & Revenue Analytics

We’ve always had analytics in our portal. But this overhaul of them now includes all of the metrics we want to move for our customers in 2024 as outlined in CEO Brian Schff’s recent forward-looking post, including:

  • Direct Sales
  • Retention Saves

You move what you measure, right? If you don’t have a metric on something, you can’t show off the impact – it’s just anecdotal. 

With this week’s launch, we’re giving our customers access to all of the call data they need to measure, improve, and report, automatically and all in one place. Native in the platform, and with no additional fee to our customers.


To arrive at these metrics, we use the recording of every call – from the caller’s interaction with Flip, through their conversation with an agent should they speak with one. We then generate a formatted transcription of the call embedded with a prompt that is submitted to OpenAI’s LLM, which analyzes it to determine:

  • Speed of Resolution 
  • Completeness of Resolution 
  • Sentiment (Emotional Polarity) 

From that, the LLM generates a 1-5 AI CSAT Score for each call. No survey. No bias. 100% passive participation. Instantly available.

What’s more, we’re able to detect the agent, which means you now have CSAT by agent. We also of course have the intent of the call, revealing areas that may otherwise be flying under the radar for analysis.

This gives you the very data you need to understand and improve your performance..

Want the technical details on how this is done? Check out this white paper about it written by our very own Head of AI, Eugene Bann.

Saves & Sales

Now for an even juicer question: How does all of this impact sales and save opportunities in the phone channel? 

Every CX leader understands that these kinds of opportunities exist on calls. However, they haven’t really had the ability to track them, impact them, and then be able to take credit for influencing them.

With Flip’s new Revenue Analytics – we identify each call that qualifies as a save or sale opportunity on a call-by-call basis, and provide an aggregate of all such opportunities right in the portal.

Putting this data at your fingertips makes it actionable and reportable, no?

Beyond sales and save opportunities, we’ve also surfaced metrics on aggregate hold time, missed & abandoned calls, and average handle time – stats that aren’t necessarily new, but now are organized in the portal and filterable based on call data like intent.

Everything detailed here are just the high points of the updates to our Analytics – every metric has been beefed up to reflect the updates we’ve talked about in previous product releases. Overall, our aim is to give you comprehensive, real-time data on sales, retention, and even marketing, as well as enhanced metrics to help you drive more impact across your brand’s CX.

For our existing customers, we’ll be hosting a closed-door session to give you an overview of all of the updates and answer any questions you’ve got for us. Expect an email invite from us with all of the details for that event.

And if you’re new here and want to see what Flip can do for you, Listen Mode will give you all of the metrics discussed here so that you can launch Voice automation with Flip with all the data you need to see the greatest benefit from the get-go. Get started here.

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