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3 New Features To Help Your Brand Handle The Post Holiday Call Bonanza

Welp, facts are facts, folks… The holidays are officially over. The New Year’s confetti has settled, and we’re all a week & change into our 2024 resolutions. That said, why on earth should the good times stall in January? 

Bring on the Post Holiday Call Bonanza! 

Flip’s 2nd weekly product release of 2024 is all about helping your brand better handle the post-holiday influx of calls. (Quite the party, am I right?) 

In this release, we’re covering 3 new Flip features, including: 

  • Escalate Only Specific Queues
  • New Automated Cancel Order Shopify Tags Feature
  • Brand Configuration For “Packages”

What the Flip are those, and what exactly can they offer your brand? Excellent questions… 

Escalate Only Specific Queues

Let’s say you’re a brand that is operating with zero call center agents—perhaps relying solely on Flip for your phone needs—OR you have a small (but mighty) team that can rarely answer the phone. 

You’ll like this feature. 

With Flip’s latest update, you can now say: Ok, for all calls, we want to take a voicemail and create a ticket, or deflect to SMS… BUT,  if it’s a call that falls into these specific queues, we want that call immediately escalated to an agent. 

This piggybacks off of a previous, more general update – designed just for new purchases or frustrated customers. That’s now been broadened to a big ol’ drop down menu of options, including: 

  • New Purchase
  • Frustrated
  • Specific Person
  • Pre Purchase
  • Wholesale
  • Gift Cards
  • Technical Support
  • Loyalty
  • Appointments
  • Save Opportunity 

You choose the queues that work best for your strategy and configure it as you please. 

Why: It’s all about customer-driven customization (something we’re always pushing to provide more of), which is why brands like True Classic are loving this feature.

New Automated Cancel Order Shopify Tags Feature

This next update offers help resolving cancel order calls with Shopify tags via our API. Based on the Shopify tags that are on a given order, we can:

  1. Recognize tags to escalate
  2. Remove tags when we automate
  3. Add tags when we automate

Let’s unpack that. For example… 

Calls around gift card orders—which Flip may not be able to cancel outright, based on a brand’s policies—can tend to need more TLC. A brand can place a “Gift Cards” tag on those orders in Shopify. 

How that plays out: 

  • A caller wants to cancel an order that was placed using a gift card. 
  • Because it’s plugged in as a tag – we’ll check for that tag.
  • If that tag is there, Flip will escalate the call to an agent. 

For all other cancel order calls (that are not “Gift Card” related): 

  • Flip will cancel the order outright in Shopify
  • Which triggers a refund, AND 
  • We can leave a tag, saying “Flip canceled the order.” 

Want another example? You got it! 

Say the tag to escalate is “Final Sale.”

 How that plays out: 

  • A customer buys something online that’s Final Sale, then wants to cancel their order. 
  • When that customer calls with their request—because it’s plugged in as a tag—Flip will immediately escalate the call to an agent. 

Why: We’re set on helping your team prioritize a time sensitive situation – and one that could otherwise be a source of frustration for your customers. So, it’s no surprise brands like Brooklinen and Bartesian are big fans of this feature. 

Brand Configuration For “Packages”

Here’s a fun, little update to round things out. 

It used to be that Flip would refer to something being delivered as a “package.” Which makes perfect sense, unless you’re—say—a flower company like Flip customer FTD.  In which case, “gift” is much more on brand. 

With this Flip update, you can now configure the specific verbiage to: 

  • Package
  • Delivery, OR
  • Gift 

Why: Because, news to noone, words matter. And details can make all the difference. 

That’ll do us for this week’s release! Be sure to keep an eye out next week—same time, same place—for more Flip updates designed to help your brand rock 2024.

And, if you’d like to learn more about how Flip can work specifically for you, schedule a time here.

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