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Flip Your Fleet: 2 Fresh Features to Re-Engage Callers & Deliver on Details

Spring has sprung, and change is in the air! With that, Flip is bringing you 2 fresh updates for our transportation customers – designed to re-engage callers and offer an even better experience. 

Time is ticking, so let’s get into it!

Hangup Callouts for Main Menu

You already know that Flip offers Hangup Callouts for callers who drop the call or are disconnected. 

We’re happy to announce an addition to the mix. 

Now, when a caller begins listening to your main menu, but hangs up – Flip can call them back.

It’s super simple to activate through Flip’s configurations page, and—by enabling Hangup Callouts—fleets are able to re-engage 45% of callers who drop during the booking process.

Flip yeah to that. 

Scottish Text-to-Speech 

At Flip, we love every one of our customers across the globe. And, we’re committed to helping each fleet access options that create a stellar experience for their callers. 

To that end, we’re thrilled to announce that Flip now offers a Scottish Text-to-Speech feature that fleets can easily switch to, upon request. This is an update designed to provide callers with a more authentic local experience. 

Because, it’s all about delivering on the details. 

Done & Done

That’s it for April’s product release. Our transportation team is already fine-tuning some Flippin’ fantastic updates for May, so keep an eye out! And, if you’d like to learn more about what Flip can do specifically for your fleet, let’s chat.

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