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Weekly Release Notes: Spooky Good Solution Suggestions

September is wrapping up, spooky season is here, and we’re digging the idea of change – as we dive into week #2 of releasing our weekly product updates here at Flip. 

This week’s exciting tweaks and changes include: 

  • Solution Suggestions 
  • Our Confirm Order # Intent 
  • Holiday Hours – Increased Capabilities 
  • AI Updates To Understand Slang 

Oooh, fun… now, what the Flip does all that mean? So glad you asked 🙂 


If it’s spooky season, it must be peak season (surprise!). And that means a whole lot of call volume around canceling/modifying/returning orders is comin’ atcha. 

Flip is here to make all of that easier (AKA less of a nightmare before Christmas situation) for everyone.

That’s the thinking behind Cancel Order Solution Suggestions. 

Say a caller wants to cancel an order, but it’s already outside of your cancellation window. Flip’s Voice AI can offer that person another option – to start a return instead, and all without an agent.

The caller asks to cancel their order, Flip lets them know it’s outside the cancellation window but tells them they can begin the returns process. The caller says “ok!” Flip verbally gives them the info they need, sends it to them via SMS, and boom – issue resolved. 

Bonus: the whole interaction is notated in your helpdesk. 

It’s all part of our mission to help you provide a more seamless experience for both your customers and your agents.

Confirm Order Number Intent 

Fun fact: Flip offers over 200 intents, ready to go out-of-the-box. Which means it’s super easy for our customers to achieve really high levels of automation. (Woo hoo!) 

Take order number requests. Alongside the ever-popular WISMO calls, we’ve found that an increasing amount of volume for our customers is coming from people inquiring about their order number. 

Flip now automatically answers that question, and you don’t have to do a thing to set it up. 

Should the caller wish to make a return—a huge reason for order number inquiries—Flip’s got ‘em covered. We can share return policies, whether or not the return window for the item in question is still open, whether or not an in-store return is suggested, and more.

All in one quick, automated interaction.

This particular intent is proving really helpful for our customers who use Loop, AfterShip, or Narvar. Love working with these awesome partners to offer solutions that *actually* simplify. 

Then there’s this. Folks are often calling about the order number to then figure out their order status online, so we do them one better. After telling them their order number, Flip will automatically provide their order status as well. 

You’re welcome.

Holiday Hours Increased Capabilities 

For those unfamiliar, Flip offers what we lovingly call NOAH—No Operator Available Hours—which can help to auto-resolve issues when agents are off-duty. 

Originally intended for overnight hours, a new configuration in our portal now lets customers set it for specific days/times… Think Thanksgiving (mmm, pie) and Black Friday.

With this new feature, when a customer calls, Flip will tell them upfront that there may not be an agent available. We then move forward to try to resolve the call. In the event that we can’t, we’ll send the caller to voicemail, and a detailed transcript of that voicemail is then added to your helpdesk.

Hear it in action below.

P.S. Oh, and then there’s this fun little fact… Flip now understands even more of the “yeah”s, “ok”s, “mmm hmm”s (and then some) that people like to use. Which means a lovely combo of less effort and easier communication for your callers. 

You can hear this in every asset shared in this product release. Because, why the Flip shouldn’t you be able to talk to AI the way you actually speak?

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