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Weekly Release Notes: Helpdeskapalooza

Holy Flip, October is here! New month, new quarter, and another new round of weekly—yep, weekly—Flip product updates. 

This one’s all about your helpdesk, which is why we’ve dubbed it: HELPDESKAPALOOZA. (Hey, if you can’t have fun with it, what’s the point?)

PSA: Flip is integrated with KustomerGladlyZendeskGorgiasRichpanelHelp Scout, and Salesforce Service Cloud. Check out our full marketplace here

The Flip <> Helpdesk integration allows super slick handoffs between AI and agents, lets Flip personalize the experience based on previous conversation data, and ensures the customer profile is richly populated with all info Flip collected on the call.

So, grab your pumpkin spice somethin’-or-other, and let’s get into it. 

Introducing Flip’s latest, greatest updates:

  • Resolve Via Ticket 
  • Custom Inboxes, Based On Queues
  • Helpdesk Account Matching 
  • SMS Via API


We now offer even more ways to resolve a call – some of which may involve training your agents to expect a different (and easier) workflow. 

For example, there are several ways callers can cancel an order. 

One option asks the customer for any necessary info we don’t already have, then lets them know an agent will get back to them within the next 24 hours. The caller is then forwarded to Flip’s voicemail, a helpdesk ticket is created, and 3 nice things happen: 

  1. The caller is kept out of a queue.
  2. Your agent is given some freedom to reply anytime within that 24 hour window.
  3. Flip provides the full call transcription in the helpdesk ticket—with all the info the agent needs to know to resolve it—and also offers helpful suggestions on best ways to resolve it. 

Wins all around.


To simplify and prioritize things at your call center, organization is key. This next update, custom inboxes, allows helpdesk tickets to be sorted according to your preferences. 

For those integrated with Gladly and Help Scout in particular, we can create tasks in different inboxes based on the queue the call is (or would be) forwarded to. 

So, for example, instead of every helpdesk ticket that we create for after hours calls going into the same inbox, we can now sort them into inboxes such as: 

  • Giftcards
  • Technical support
  • Subscriptions
  • New purchase
  • And more  

Organized. Simplified.


Fact: So much of a caller’s experience hinges on an account-match rate. From the personalized greeting they receive (“Welcome back, Jim!”), through the orders that we suggest, down to the ticket that gets created. Which is why this next capability is so important. 

Let’s lay this out. Brands who don’t require a phone number at checkout have a much lower account match rate for those customers. 

However, if said consumers have a problem with their order, they’ll often use the phone channel to call in (especially true for subscription customers btw). That number then gets put into a brand’s helpdesk, and not into their OMS. 

Here’s where our helpful update comes in.

Say we can’t get an order match through Shopify, for instance. Flip looks at the brand’s helpdesk—GladlyZendeskGorgiasKustomer, etc.—to see if there’s a phone number there. If there is, we look at the associated email address and put that back through the order management system in order to pull the caller’s order.  

It’s about offering another way to automatically do an account match, which improves the experience for all. 

And, Flip customers are seeing some impressive results. One in particular is already enjoying a 7% account match rate increase + a significant boost in overall automation.


If you have text convos with your customers, congratulations – you’ve earned some trust in that channel. And, we’re guessing you’d like to keep it. 

When we first incorporated SMS capabilities, we’d send the text from Flip’s phone number. But, because our number wasn’t hooked back into our customers’ helpdesk, any response texts would basically get an auto-reply encouraging them to reach out via email… wah wah. 

Conversation closed (via text, at least). 

Another, perhaps bigger concern was our customers wondering, “Well, what phone number are you sending this from?” Because: 

  1. They need it to match their branding. 
  2. They already have text support and that rapport built with their clients.
  3. They don’t want to be confusing clients with a different number that can’t receive replies.

Super valid points.

We listened. Now, when we send SMS via an API that’s available with the helpdesk—say, Gladly—it’s coming, not from us, but from a phone number that the customer has in Gladly. 

And when a customer replies to that message, it’s going directly to their agents in Gladly. 

Which means:

  • The conversation can continue right then and there. 
  • There’s consistency in our customers’ brand messaging, with SMS coming from their existing, public-facing text message number.
  • Everything happens through ONE text channel. 

That’s a wrap on HELPDESKAPALOOZA. (Try saying that 3 times fast.) It’s already shaping up to be a flippin’ awesome October, and we’ll be back with more updates next week. So, stay tuned! 

And, if you’re interested in learning more about what Flip can do for your org, feel free to schedule a quick demo here.

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