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Weekly Release Notes: Holy MMS Resolution, Batman

We know you love your customers and your agents, which is why we’re all about helping you save them both time and energy. Say, for example, when it comes to managing subscriptions or dealing with lost or damaged items.

 Enter Flip’s latest product updates: 

  • Damaged Item Resolution via MMS
  • Shipping Address Updates for Orders & Subscriptions 

For those we don’t know well (hi there!) quick Flip nutshell: we provide AI-powered Voice Automation for eCommerce and Transportation brands looking to offer the best CX available. 

And, we’re all about constantly bringing new and improved options to the table… Which swings us right back around to our newest updates.


Our Resolve with MMS feature helps minimize the back and forth (which nobody loves) when dealing with issues that require images, such as damaged items.  

So when a customer calls to report they received a damaged item, Flip lets them know what information is needed to process the refund and then sends the customer a text message with that information.

Once received, the customer then sends the required information and images back, and that information populates a ticket in your helpdesk. That way, all pertinent information about the caller—order number, name, history—are already pulled up for the agent when they go to resolve the ticket and process the refund, reship, or offer a discount to keep the damaged item. 

Which means, your agents never even have to pick up the phone. It’s a one-touch resolution that prevents fraud, ensuring a safe and secure process while saving time and effort for all involved. Let the dance party commence.

This is a sample of what your customers will hear:


Our next update helps simplify subscriptions – specifically updates to a subscriber’s shipping address. Oh! You weren’t aware that Flip can handle subscriptions?… Surprise! Now that we all know that fun bit of news, let’s dive into what we can do with updating shipping addresses.

Previously, for any caller requesting to update an address, both the shipping address and the subscription address were updated. But, the data showed that roughly half of callers simply wanted to update the address on their account. So, we listened. 

Now, if a customer has both a subscription and a shipping address in the system, we’ve created a flow where Flip asks: Is it a current order? Or is it the subscription address you want to change? 

This can then be resolved via a ticket – that gives instructions and provides context for the agent. 

What this means? Flip can help you resolve the matter with the agent’s help, while—again—doing that whole time saving thing for both the agent and the caller. 

Curious to know what else we can do with subscriptions? Ok, twist our arm – we’ll share a couple more examples. If a caller tries to cancel a subscription, Flip can offer discounts or the option to skip a month as a save attempt. We can also ask for a cancellation reason – hello, ridiculously valuable data. And, we can give callers the status on their subscription – no agent required.


If you love that Flip can help callers modify their address for a subscription, you’ll love this update, too. We’ve simplified a common request: updating a shipping address after an order has been placed.

You can now define when a caller can modify their order to change their shipping address, and give them the opportunity to have the shipping carrier redirect the order or hold it at a convenient location if their order has already shipped. 

Other settings can: 

  • Let callers know shipping address updates are not allowed after an order is placed
  • Provide info for how to update their address via SMS (if they’ve opted in)
  • Allow the caller to leave a new shipping address in a voicemail – which creates a detailed ticket in your helpdesk

Customers are only transferred to an agent if the order hasn’t yet shipped and the agent can actually change the address. 

Want a couple more lovely little time-saving changes? Done. Flip now offers a new order deflection if the account is required in order to purchase. And, if your policy is to treat a refund request and a start return as one and the same, you can automate those as such.

And there you have it – freshly baked updates, hot & ready to be utilized. Look for more Flip product releases coming at you weekly. 

And, if you’re interested in learning more about what Flip can do for your org, schedule a quick demo here.