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Top Secret – Hear Flip’s Predictive Intent Handling In Action

It’s Thursday. And just like every other Thursday, we’re throwing out some new new. 

But this Thursday, we’re pulling back the curtain on a feature that’s still in development so you get to experience it before we’ve released the final product into the wild.

So what is this top secret new feature? Ok, so we gave it away in the title.

We’re showing off our new predictive intent handling for WISMO (“where is my order?”) calls.

How does it work?

If a caller has already placed an order, there’s a good chance they’re calling to check the status of that order. So Flip starts the conversation by asking if the caller is inquiring about their order and follows that up to ask if they’d like to know the shipping status.

The caller doesn’t need to ask the question because Flip already knows the reason for their call.

And if they aren’t calling to ask where their order is, Flip predicts the next most likely reason they are calling and suggests it to the caller in an effort to keep their journey as seamless and simple as possible.

Want more details and to hear this predictive handling in action? Check out this video with Flip’s Kristina Keene, Content Strategy, and Charles Royle, eCommerce Product Manager:

As always, if you’d like to find out how Flip can transform your brand’s phone channel, book time with us here.

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