23 July, 2024
Latest Product Release


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February Product Release: Powerful Analytics

We’ve got three big updates we’re excited to share…

New Analytics 

In Q4, we rolled out Context-Aware Conversations, including analytics to not only see what your customers call about, but where in the customer journey they choose to call. See details on that here

Now we have more updates: 

  • Deep Dives: Select filters for customer journey stage segments and deep dive what those customers are calling about. 
  • New Performance Dashboard: A single, clear, high-level dashboard with the most important insights Flip is providing your brand. 

Shoutout Jess Doucet on our product team for this video walkthrough:

Helpful Handoffs 

Flip works hand-in-hand with your team, automating routine calls, escalating high value calls into dedicated queues, and open/closing tickets in your helpdesk. 

We’ve made several enhancements to our agent handoffs: 

  • Tech Support Routing: Q4 brought dedicated sales, loyalty, and urgent issue queues. Now we’ve added Tech Support as an additional queue option to get these calls into the right ears of your technical expert reps.
  • Appointment Routing: For those of you with a services/assembly element to your product, you can now forward these calls to dedicated specialists. 

Helpful Handoffs is now also a metric you can track in your new Performance Dashboard. 

After Hours Updates 

65% of Flip customers use our After Hours feature to transcribe voicemails, line up tickets for your team, or transfer callers in real-time to 24/7 channels. If you’re not in this 65%, hit. us. up. 

It’s simple – Customers actually have time to contact you After Hours, and it’s a huge CX pain when they can’t reach you then – missed calls only shows a fraction of the people that wanted to contact you. 

Anyway, some updates here… shoutout @Colleen from Bonafide for the inspiration! 

  • Holiday Settings: Does your staffing change on federal/company holidays? Now Flip can be auto-configured to 24/7 ‘After Hours Handling’ on those days, sending to voicemail when the call can’t be automated. 
  • Spanish: Many of you know we’ve been in Beta on ‘Spanish Flip’. Well, now it’s available to all customers on limited release. When Flip recognizes a Spanish caller, it can now take their voicemail in Spanish (in addition to forwarding to a dedicated queue).

We are evolving the product all the time, come back and learn more as we roll out new functionality and features that truly get us all excited.

Not yet a customer of Flip CX and want to try it out? We offer a 14 day trial to try it out risk free, sign-up here

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