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7 Benefits of Voice Automation for Customer Service

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Perspectives

We’ve all heard the saying, “turn that frown upside down.” When it comes to your agents and customers, you can take that saying one of two ways. Either you literally flip their mood by making things better (for your customers and agents), or you pretend it’s all okay and turn your world upside down. Voila, fake smiles!

We suggest you flip their world instead of yours.

To help you bring smiles to everyone who works for and interacts with your organization, we present the 7 benefits of voice automation.

Queue the fanfare music!

  1. Increased Credibility: With the right voice assistant answering calls, your agents will have more time to deal with complex issues, and your customers will sense that you care. Because you do, right? Instead of a Press-1-for-this or Press-2-for-that old-school call tree, they’ll speak to a friendly voice that has all (or most) of the answers. If they can’t get what they need, the system routes them to a happy-because-they’re-not-overworked agent.
  2. Perpetuated Self Service: Millennials and Gen Z would rather talk to a voice assistant than a human. Just ask one of them. They’ll tell you all about it via text. They’re on board with self-service. And the rest of the population is quickly catching up. A survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that 90% of Americans have heard of voice assistants, and a whopping 72% have used them successfully. Yes, even grandma. If you could automate up to 70% of your WISMO, maintain happy customers, and take pressure off your team, wouldn’t you? There is a right and wrong answer here.
  3. Doubled Capacity (not budget): An automated voice assistant shortens hold times, allows customers to get the answers they need (even outside regular business hours), and makes you a rockstar. Flip can reduce call volume by 40%, abandoned calls by 52%, and queue time by 42%. Which makes us a rockstar too.
  4. Unlocked KPI: Indicators that drive capacity can be improved with a friendly, all-knowing voice assistant. When customers can get immediate answers and your agents are under burdened (yes, that’s a thing), you’ll reduce call volume, hold times, missed calls, cost per call, and errors. You’ll also increase CSAT, FCR, NPS and CLTV, and agent satisfaction. The clouds will part, the sun will shine, and angels will sing your name.  
  5. Increased Satisfaction: If the Rolling Stones still ain’t got no satisfaction, they can find it with an automated voice assistant. Instead of endlessly waiting on hold in some kind of technological purgatory, Mick can find out about his new leather pants order. It’ll only take a few minutes. Maybe even seconds. That kind of satisfaction spills over into positive reviews, happier agents, and bigger profits. Everyone wins.
  6. Added Convenience: How many agents do you know who can work 24/7/365? Okay, sure. Bob from Albuquerque can answer calls for days, but he’s also not “all there,” if you know what we mean. An automated assistant answers calls professionally, accurately, and moves customers toward the answers they want or the agents they need. They’re happier. Your agents are happier. And you’re happier. Go, team!
  7. Reduced Employee Churn: Remember the frows turned smiles mentioned earlier? When agents are happy, they stay longer. That adds up to less time filling open positions and training, and more time caring for your customers and agents — building CX and EX.

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