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Launch & Learn: Flip CX + Gorgias

by | Jan 2, 2022 | Perspectives

Last November, Flip built a Gorgias integration to give brands the benefit of seeing all their customer’s phone interactions in one place. That visibility empowers brands to deliver better service more efficiently.

Before partnering with Gorgias, we worked with larger companies like UntuckIt, Brooklinen, and GNC, with established phone teams handling upwards of 10,000 calls/day. So when we started launching with teams that handled as few as 10 calls/day or didn’t have a phone number at all yet, we were curious: What could our impact be?

We quickly launched 5 Gorgias brands before the holiday rush with 5 more upcoming that were signing up to try the hottest new Gorgias integration on the block.

Here is what we learned:


Brands who don’t have a listed phone number are essentially saying: “Leave us alone!” Consumers do NOT like that. Being available on any and every channel is essential for growing and maintaining a loyal base.

But, building up a support function can be hard and expensive. Many of our early Gorgias adopters have only a handful of agents (or even just 1 agent!) responsible for email, voice, chat, and social. With few resources, staffing can be unreliable and support teams get stretched thin. Just ask your agents, we bet they’ll tell you the phone is their least favorite channel.

Flip + Gorgias makes a big impact for several reasons. Not only are we reducing the number of calls that reach the team, but we’re also making them less time-consuming and easier to handle when they do.

Customer story: When Bohme’s phone team was out sick, they enabled voicemail transcriptions 24/7 via NOAH so callers could leave a voicemail and the email team could respond immediately.


Brands on Gorgias are innovative and growing, but with growth comes the need to scale support. At these speeds and in a market this competitive, scaling the traditional way is just about impossible (we might even say a waste of time). Call volume ebbs and flows, so properly staffing a phone line is often tricky and always expensive.

The market sees automation as a strategy to efficiently build and scale a consumer-centric support function.

Flip offers an automation solution that was previously inaccessible to small and growing brands. We often hear a version of: “Wow, I didn’t know I could automate calls!”


For small support teams, it can be nearly impossible to get engineering resources to implement new technology.  Luckily, the average time to fully launch Flip is just 26 minutes! 

We took what our early adopters told us and supercharged the integration. By adding automated ticket creation for all calls, allowing voicemail transcriptions right in Gorgias, and providing access to data on our portal, support teams now have even more control over their voice channels.


On average, our Gorgias adopters are saving nearly 1,000  hours a month on the phone. Immediately after launching, call volume drops, agents are spending almost 20% less time on the phone, and missed calls drop 52%.

This type of early impact establishes a strong partnership grounded in mutual success. We’re working closely with our customers to add and uncover new features. It’s a collaboration with nearly unlimited potential 🚀.


The first interaction a consumer has with customer support is often over the phone. Prior to Flip, brands either had long messages with complicated instructions or a never-ending ringtone with no one on the other side. We’ve helped our customers transform these interactions from confusing and frustrating to simple and helpful.

Flip’s No Operator Available Handling (NOAH) voicemail transcription is being adopted at a high rate among Gorgias brands and provides a ton of value. NOAH gives callers the option to stay in voice but frees up the agent to resolve tickets on any digital channel.

A common fear that customers express is that automation will hurt CSAT scores. However, across launches, we’ve seen that after implementation CSAT scores stay consistent or improve.

Ultimately, callers want a quick resolution, and our job is to automate a solution for them or transfer them to an agent with all the information they need.


Our first month of partnering with Gorgias has yielded a ton of valuable insights and great successes. We’ll continue to grow with our new brands, learn from their support teams, and share all the juicy details right here.

In the meantime, you can find us on the Gorgias app store here 

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