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2 More Ways To Customize Your SMS Game With Flip CX

You know we’re all about Voice here at Flip. But, that doesn’t mean we’re hating on those lovely text options. And, in this week’s product release, we’ve got two new Flip Features that provide even more SMS support where you need it. 

Today’s menu includes: 

  • SMS Claim Support For Wismo & Delivery Missing
  • Ability To Opt In—Or Entirely Out—Of Emojis In Messaging

Ready, set, details!  

WISMO & Delivery Missing 

Wow, I love when my account says my delivery has arrived, when it (in fact) has not… Said no one ever. 

We’ve all been there. And it can sour a relationship with a brand pretty darn quickly. Flip’s here to help companies like yours avoid that. 

With our latest feature, we’re able to recognize if—when an order is in a delivered status—a caller says it has NOT been delivered. 

If that order has been in a delivered status for a certain amount of days (your brand can customize the length how you’d like), then we can direct them to file a claim. All it takes is a quick couple of clicks to set up + a claims URL to direct your caller to. 

So, let’s play this one out: 

  • Your customer calls in because their order said it was delivered yesterday, and it has NOT been delivered.  
  • Flip says, “Hey! Are you calling about your order that was delivered yesterday?” 
  • Caller says “Yes!… And, it was NOT delivered yesterday.” 
  • If your brand settings are to recognize this as an issue after ONE day, Flip can then say…
  • “We’re so sorry you haven’t received your delivery. The best route forward would be to file a claim. You can do so here.” 
  • We’ll then share your website over the call + offer to send, via SMS, the link to file a claim. 

This one was inspired by one of our favorite customers, Hexclad. And, we’re always happy to provide precisely what our customers need. 

To Emoji Or Not To Emoji: That Is The Question

We had fun with this next update. Maybe you’re a brand that’s all about emojis – Your customers love ‘em, you love ‘em, it’s emojiland all day.


Maybe yours is a brand where emojis just don’t fit. 

Either way, we’ve got you covered. Flip’s now added a configuration that allows you to either include or remove emojis from your SMS messaging.

A 2 second setup on your portal, and texts fall right in line with what works best for your brand. 

Because—with the way we ALL communicate these days—emoji yea or nay is actually a pretty important detail. And, we’re all about helping you nail the details. 

With that, we’ll call this Flip release a wrap. More helpful updates in the works (always!), so be sure to check out next week’s release – same time, same place. 

And, if you’d like to learn more about how Flip can work specifically for your brand, let’s chat.

P.S. If you read this far, congrats! Reach out with the word “emojiland” and you may just get a prize. Because… why the Flip not?