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Top 10 Marketing Tools To Supercharge Your Commerce Brand

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Perspectives, Blog

There’s no shortage of AI marketing tools out there (news flash to absolutely noone). And they all claim to change the game… while stirring your tea and solving world issues.   

Which can make it tough to choose where to invest, right? That’s why we’re putting in our two cents. We sorted through the many options out there, and came up with this list of our top 10 AI marketing tools. 

Let’s dive in, shall we? 

Our Top 10: What They Do & Why They Made The Cut 


First up: Maverick. This platform uses AI-generated video to help ecommerce stores have personalized interactions with each of their customers across their journey – which leads to some seriously boosted LTV. 

It works in 5 Simple Steps (and we like simple): 

  1. Record your videos (any kind of personalized message).
  2. Record yourself reading a short script to capture your voice and personalize those base videos.
  3. They integrate with your CRM.
  4. They process your videos, create branded landing pages to host the videos, and set up email delivery from your domain.
  5. Once videos are processed, they send samples to review – then turn on your campaigns and the videos go out.

Boom – easy, fast, personalized video content for your customers. 


Dear Copywriters, this one’s for you. 

Jasper.ai is all about helping marketers create on-brand content via generative AI… As in, you can actually upload all pertinent info about your brand for the AI to incorporate. 

Result: more relevant copy that’s in your brand voice the first time around (yay!) and way less of that generic AI thing that’s crept into a lot of marketing content in the past couple of years. 

Bonus: They have specific plans to choose from to best suit your needs + clear pricing (always a plus).


Justuno’s promise is to help create personalized web experiences – the kind that turn website traffic into customers. Here’s a few of the ways they go about delivering on that: 

  • Gamification: They’ll help you create promos with customizable gaming options for an interactive conversion experience 
  • Personalized onsite experiences + fine-tuned segmentation and targeting
  • Growing your email list with high-performing opt-ins + site experiences 
  • SMS collection
  • Compliance with GDPR & privacy policies (that’s a comfort) 
  • Leveraging first-party data for awesome ROAS

Impressed? So were we. 


Ever wondered what it would be like to give your customers a white glove shopping experience? Or product recommendations at scale? Or—this one’s fun—how about helping them navigate the perfect outfit?

Um… we’re marketers. So yes, yes, and yes 😉 

Shop.ai does this for you. Empowered by the biggest E-Comm OMS, this is a must-have if you’re selling products that people ask a lot of questions about.


Then there’s MarketMuse. This one’s all about helping you plan a better content strategy – and fast. And who couldn’t use a little extra help there? 

MarketMuse’s mission is to help teams publish more and publish better every time. Their AI analyzes your entire website to help provide personalized, objective insights. Which means your team—no matter its size or time constraints—can analyze topics and create with more confidence. 

We’re big fans of that. 


Surfer SEO’s purpose is to not just generate articles, but to generate traffic (cue the hallelujah chorus). 

Like that busy-bee worker on your team, they streamline content creation by taking care of research, writing, and optimization. This frees you up to review the final product and get to that publish-worthy place a lot quicker. 

Fun feature: Surfer AI can write and optimize content in any language. They also can check for potential plagiarism, helping you avoid penalties (and some really awkward conversations). 


Heads up all you social media marketing gurus: Rapidely was made for you (literally). 

Their AI helps with: 

  • Juggling multiple accounts, collaborating with your team, and streamlining workflow – all in a fraction of the time. 
  • Filling your social calendar with tailor-made, engaging posts—the kind that actually resonate with your audience—in less than a minute.
  • Creating on-brand carousels, captions, etc. with AI that’s tuned to your brand voice
  • Giving you access to a collection of the latest, greatest sounds (updated weekly) for your reels

Essentially, you elevate your social media strategy in a big way – while getting time back. Win, win. 


Here’s a fun one. Pixelcut was designed to help folks create product photos 10x faster with AI generated backgrounds. You basically get a virtual studio right there on your phone – with thousands of curated templates. 

And one of our favorite aspects: You can easily share projects and templates with your team… Simple collaboration? Yes please. 


Attentive helps amplify your SMS game. You can send smarter campaigns, track ROI, personalize text at scale, and more. 

Their magic message feature is brilliant: 

  • Image generation for SMS
  • Image generation for email
  • Copy assistant for SMS
  • Build automated campaigns and one-click content generation.

Definitely one to consider. 


Wait, Flip? Isn’t that Voice AI that automates the phone channel? Right you are! But, latest updates have incorporated some pretty fantastic features designed to offer wow-worthy moments to customers and drastically improve more marketing-centric metrics. 

Flip’s Voice AI can now do things like: 

  1. Give discount codes or loyalty points to customers who had issues with their order ( CX that goes a long way in terms of building your brand). 
  2. Suggest that customers calling to order take your brand quiz first. For brands that don’t take new orders over the phone, this is a great way to still drive positive conversions when people call. 
  3. Send SMS links to download your app where they can self-resolve: Effective app strategies often include exclusive access and relaxed permissions. Now when customers call about specific topics where there is an app benefit, Flip can make them aware and text them a deeplink to download. 
  4. Add people to subscription lists—SMS, Email, loyalty programs, and more—by getting a simple yes to a quick question. “Would you like us to add you to our SMS list to get updates on discounts in the future?” Easy as that.

And there you have it, the top 10 on our list. One thing seems pretty darn clear: Whatever help you need in the marketing department, there’s almost certainly an awesome AI tool to solve for it. 

Here’s hoping you find this helpful as you decide which options will make the biggest—and best—difference for your team. 

P.S. There’s also this thing called ChatGPT – not sure if you’ve heard of it. Could be something, I guess.

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